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Story ID:9336
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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I know that I have posted this story on Our Echo before but i cant seem to find it,so I am taking the liberty to post it again since it is near Halloween and i know lots of people like a good Ghost Story on Halloween.
Years ago I had leased a 40 acre tract of land up near Pine Mountain,it had a small cabin on it in which I lived.It was lonely and isolated but it was just what I needed and wanted at that time in my life.
I had a computer complete with mic and web cam and frequently chatted with people around the Country.
The Person from whom I rented the place lived in Florida and only occasionally visited Georgia,on one such occasion He told me that he had lost his 17 year old daughter to a skate board accident on her Birthday,he related this tale to me with tears in his eyes.He said that She loved that little cabin and they often spent The Christmas Holidays there.
About a week later as I was chatting with a lady one night about 11:30 pm I noticed that in my web cam was the figure of a young girl,she seemed very interested in my computer and seemed to be reading what I was typing.Knowing that I was completely alone in the cabin that night I was a bit startled,as I began to turn to look over my shoulder to see who was behind me,I noticed her turn her head quickly to look ay my front door,she turned so quickly that her long hair flared out and fell across her shoulder,I was really startled to find that I was still completely alone in that cabin,not a soul behind me,I went to the front door and opened it just to make sure that no automobile was in my drive way,there was none,I was alone.
In the next few days the Land Lord came to town and as usual he began to talk about his dead daughter and how much he missed her,on a whim I asked him if he might have a picture of her,he did and took it out of his wallet to show me,I was not supprized to see the same young Lady looking out at me from the photograph,with the same long brown hair and checkered shirt that she wore when she came to visit me in my web cam.
I cannot say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this young lady returned from the dead to visit me,but I know what I saw and I have writen it down here simply as a mystery that I have no answers for but I can vouch for the fact that this is a true story.Unfortunately her father has since passed away and I can not get him to verify my story and the cabin has been torn down and a ranch style house now occupies the place where it formerly stood. I truely hope that both father and daughter are together once more.