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Walmart and Pig Cruelty

Story ID:9348
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various usa
Person:Nathan Runkle
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Last year I remember telling my friend Gerry that I was
disappointed that he bought my then needed converter box for
my TV from Walmart's. I really don't even remember why I
had become so disenchanted with them then, but I certainly
know now. and I have more than one reason for not shopping
there anymore.

I am sure that you are aware as I that these very rich
Walmart family owners don't believe in sharing their wealth,
I understand that the salaries of Walmart employees' are sub-
standard. When workers have protested and picketed their
stores, I believe they lost their jobs.

I hope you believe as I in unions which help workers get just
wages and health benefits. Obviously, Walmart does not. Yes,
we want cheap goods -but at the price of a less than decent
living wage for its employees?


As an ethical vegan, I try to avoid any stores which condone
animal cruelty. Of course, that's difficult -almost impossible,
but I do try.

Today Mercy for Animals sent us an e-mail entitled WALMART
CRUELTY with the sub title - New MFA Investigation Exposes
Walmart Pork Supplier. With the thousands and thousands
of Walmart stores nationwide, you know that that must equate
into a lot of pig suffering.

I didn't have to click onto its video with an introductory
picture showing a gloved hand painfully grabbing a young pig
by the neck. I have seen enough of farm animal cruelty videos
like this one to last me a lifetime. I only wish that people
who still feel they need to eat the tortured products of these
poor defenseless farm animals would view them. Hopefully, they
would come to the same realization and conclusion of those of
us who have become vegan as a result.

We decided that we don't need to eat meat. Sadly though for
the animals, we are still in the minority and most people seem
to choose to ignore farm animal suffering.

I hope that Pope Francis would view the video. Does he already
know about farm animal cruelty? How could he not? Is he
a meat eater? Probably. If so, until he changes his lifestyle
in this regard, I guess I cannot hold him in the high esteem
I would wish to.

This video was secretly recorded by a Mercy for Animals'
investigator at a Pipestone System factory farm. It shows how
this Walmart pork supplier allows the systematic torture of
mother pigs and their piglets. And this is the THIRD time MFA
has found unconscionable animal cruelty at a factory farm
supplying pork to Walmart.

If you can't bear to watch the video or are not concerned
enough to find it on the internet, I hope you will at least
read MFA's written account re the horrific abuse to innocent
living beings:

"Thousands of mother pigs are confined to filthy, metal gestation
crates so small they are unable to even turn around or lie down
comfortably for nearly their ENTIRE lives.

Workers beating, throwing, slapping. hitting and screaming
obsenities at pigs.

Workers slamming piglets into the ground and leaving them to
suffer and slowly die.

Workers ripping out the testicles and slicing off the tails of
fully conscious piglets without the use of any painkillers."

Anyone with an ounce of compassion should be horrified by this
cruelty. I hope you, the reader is. I hope you will decide that
it is time to take a compassionate stance and will stop buying
pork at Walmarts. Don't think - it won't make a difference. If
enough people object to the pork Walmart is buying and selling,
the loss of sales may make them find more compassionate pig

Imagine -Randy Spronk, the president of the National Pork Producers
Council owns the factory farm which MFA investigated. You can well
imagine what this means to all the other factory farms across the
country. In plain terms- it means they can also do whatever they
want with impunity to these poor defensless animals, and until we,
as a people, decide enough is enough - this cruelty will continue

Thankfully, MFA's evidence was given to the local law enforcement,
and they have raided the factory farm- launching a criminal
investigation into animal cruelty. The case is ongoing.

I hope and pray that this investigation will bear fruit, and that this
factory farm from hell will be dismantled. Of course, my prayers our
grandiose. They will probably just get a fine, so if you REALLY want
things to improve for the pigs and other farm animals, you will just
have to stop eating them.