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Football in Bly...

Story ID:9349
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Football in Bly…
By Chuck Dishno
November 2013

Not too many people remember the three years that my hometown, Bly, Oregon tried to field a football team at Bly High School. It wasn’t much of a team since there were so few kids in Bly High. In 1948 there were fewer than 60 kids in the combined junior high and high school combined.

To my knowledge, Bly School had never played football. We did have good baseball and basketball teams but were too small a school to get many football players.

When I was a freshman, the athletics coach talked the district into giving us some football equipment that had been handed down from some of the larger schools. The equipment wasn’t much to be revered as it was pretty old with the old fashioned leather helmets. I had cut off my finger in September and wasn’t in any shape to play, not that I would have been much good, since I only weighed in at about 115lbs.

The three years we attempted to play football were a disaster and we only won one game in those three years.

Most of the schools in our area were larger and had no problem fielding enough players but Bly had a problem getting 12 or 13 players which didn’t leave much for substitution. We weren’t the only small school though and the one win we had was because one school couldn’t come up with 11 players and had to forfeit the game. Rules are rules and we were proud of the chance for the win.

The story went around for years that Bly actually did win another game. As the story goes, we were playing another small school, Paisley. Paisley wasn’t much better than Bly in football and had traveled about 75 miles to take us on. We were so evenly matched that the score at the end of the game was 0 to 0. The referees decided to let us play one overtime period. About half way thru the OT, the logging train came into Bly and blew its whistle. Paisley thought the game was over and left the field. Six plays later, Bly scored and won the game.

All kidding aside, we had a great time in those three years and no one had been hurt. Maybe our pride but that is easily to heal.

Baseball was a different story and we won the county championship three years in a row. We also did well in basket ball but football was not our forte.

Such was life in my beloved hometown of Bly, Oregon.