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Uncle Fossill And The Great Podunk Chilli Cook Off

Story ID:9372
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Now it's a well knowm fact that Texans like to bragg,and it is also a well known fact that Texans like to cook chilli but this tale is not about texans,it's about a great chilli cook off that was held up in Podunk Township the county seat of Podunk County Tennessee,thats where my Uncle Fossill lives.It was touted around the environs of Podunk that this Chilli cook off was to determin who would be crowned champion for all time in the cooking chilli circles in Podunk.
As the great day dawned you could see all sorts of people standing around great pots of simmering chilli and aromatic smell of pepper was almost palpable,the smell of wood smoke wafted up the valley and down the rivers and streams of Podunk County.Unfortunately it was also the monsoon time of year and it started to rain,it rained and it poured,it poured and it rained,there were times that you couldent see 2 feet in front of yourself,it was raining so hard that all the fires under every ones chilli pots were doused to ashes and the chilli was cold and uncooked however Uncle Fossills chilli was still merrily bubling and boiling and steam was rising and Uncle Fossill was stirring and humming to himself,the Mayor went over and asked uncle fossill how he had managed to keep cooking when every one else had their fire put out from the rain,Uncle Fossill replied that he werent using no fire, he was using last years chilli! It seems that his chilli from last year was still hot enough to cook this years IMPROVED recipe.