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Story ID:9391
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All states USA
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By Fred Wickert

The majority of the population in America are of the Christian faith. It is said that approximately 86% of us are Christians. To an outsider to watch the goings on in this country could never come to that conclusion.

Every where we look, Christianity is being trashed. We have an entity in this country called the ACLU which stands for American Civil Liberties Union. It is funded in part by our tax dollars. It looks like the primary goal of the organization is to stamp out Christianity. For decades the ACLU has fought one court battle after another to stop Christian symbols, prayer or activity. They win most of these cases.

Prayer in schools is no longer permitted. The portrayal of the Ten Commandments, the very foundation of law and the rules to live by, are no longer permitted in most court houses around the country. Nativity scenes on public property, and in some cases where on private property but seen by the public have been banned. Many stores around the country prohibit their employees from saying Merry Christmas to the customers.

Christian statues are ordered to be taken down. Some have demanded the words IN GOD WE TRUST be removed from our currency and ONE NATION UNDE GOD be removed from our pledge of allegiance. Some are demanding all crosses be removed from National cemeteries. The latest is an attempt to remove the cross shaped beams salvaged from the World Trade Center rubble at the new World Trade Center building.

President Barack Obama pretends to have given himself to Christ in the Reverend Wright’s church in Chicago. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood in the middle east as they ousted Mubarak from power in Egypt and gave them F-16’s and tanks while they burn and bomb Coptic Christian churches and murder Coptic Christian people. He kisses the ring of the King in Saudi Arabia where it is a capitol offense to possess a Bible. He gives arms and medical supplies and training to Muslim Brotherhood fighters trying to oust the president of Syria, while they too are killing Christians in droves, with AK 47”s given them by Obama, purchased I might add, with tax dollars paid by American Christians.

Here at home, as Commander in Chief he has ordered all sorts of curtailment in Christian activity by Christian military Chaplains. Some have been relieved of duty for failure to comply. At military academies he has ordered the words, “So help me God” to be removed from the Oath and in the military chaplains have been ordered to no longer use the words, “In the name of Jesus Christ” in public prayer or church services.

Why, I ask myself, do we allow them to get away with it? This is a Christian country. Oh yes, I am well aware the President, Obama that is, declared that we are no longer a Christian country. I am not at all surprised given his obvious and demonstrated disdain for the truth, but I for one suggest that just because he said so does not make it so. If 86% of us are of the Christian faith, are paying the taxes and are casting the votes, why do we sit on our hands and allow it to happen? A very small portion of the 14% in this country who are not Christians claim to be offended. It is allegedly for them all these new rules are being made and enforced. Most of those if asked, are not offended. A large portion for example, of that 14% are Jews. I have yet to meet one who claims to be offended. On the contrary, many Jews have told me they are not offended.

A few Atheists and Agnostics profess to be offended and of course Muslims are offended. Muslims are offended that we do not convert to Islam and are offended we even live.

How many of the 86% percent that profess to be Christians and yet, live outside the rules of Christianity, such as cheating on college exams, sleeping with members of the opposite sex they are not married to, sanctioning and supporting gay marriage, buying or watching child porn, and countless other sins, pretend to be Christians and are not? I suggest the halls of Congress may house many of these. If they were true Christians they could not participate in some of the things they do.

A close look at scripture contained in the Holy Bible suggests that the end is not that far off. Oh yes, I am fully aware that in the past there are those who declared the world was going to end on a certain day. Some of these cults have even committed mass suicide. I know this. I also know that a serious study of the Bible tells us that Armageddon is not that far in the future. The signs are all around us. Many Biblical events and prophecies have occurred coinciding with certain Jewish feasts and festivals when combined with certain astrological events. These events happen hundreds of years apart. There are two of them scheduled to happen in 2014 and 20c15 coinciding with Jewish Holy Days.

That suggests to me that we should get ready for it. I’m no preacher and I am no prophet. I am just an observer of what is happening in our world today and of NASA predictions and abundant evidence in the Bible. You can do as you wish, but I for one suggest we get prepared for it. I also suggest we start speaking up for Christians and Christianity. We are supposed to be a representative form of government in this country. Our officials in the government are supposed to be representing us. It is supposed to be that the majority rules. Obviously it is not working that way. Why? Because our reps are not listening to us. We control the votes that put them in office. We should remind them of that. It begins in the primaries folks. Band together as Christians, and replace those who won’t listen. When the new ones get in office, hold their feet to the fire. If we don’t we will lose it all. If you are a Christian, stand up and fight for Christianity. Fight for Jesus!

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