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Some Present and Past Cruelties

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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I saw an old movie (A Time to Kill) which was based on a John Grisham novel. It starred Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock. I had seen it before and it is much like the classic movie -To Kill a Mockingbird. Jarring your memory - two white rednecks in Mississippi waylay a tiny black girl on her way home from school. What they did to her then was despicable and even unimaginable that anyone would treat a young child so horribly. I am glad that it is not based on a true story.

When they appeared in court, the father shot them and now had to face "justice" in a racial Southern white court room. It would seem that there would be no mercy for this black father who acted like so many fathers would have - white or black. But it was the summation of this young white lawyer (McConaughey) who told her story so graphically -bit by bit that would change the course of the trial.

He told how they had each laid her and destroyed her tiny womb filling it with their semen. If she lived he observed, she would never be able to have children. But they weren't satisfied to do just this. They tossed her around like a rag doll and after having their "fun" threw her off a bridge
and to her death.

His story was gripping and brought tears to the jurors and many in the courtroom. He proved how
completely senseless this horrible act was and then the young lawyer told the jurors to imagine that this little girl was WHITE. That was a stroke of genius, and he used it after talking with the father who said that the jurors weren't concerned about black justice. Of course he was right. Well, when the jurors imagined this happening to a white child, they changed their minds about a guilty verdict and exonerated the father and he was set free.


Just as the black man faced terrible and cruel injustice from principly a racial and biased South,
sadly food animals and animals in general face injustice and cruelty from bascially an uncaring
world and we in the United States are no leaders in compassion to the animals either.

When my sister who is vegeterian says that she tries to help human as well as animal causes with her small charitable donations, I told her - save the money for the animals. There are comparatively few people who support animal causes. Animals are the "blacks" of today's society. Their needs and their welfare are for the most part ignored.

For how long have we known about the cruel cafos from hell and what is being done to dismantle them? Congress and the president ignore this issue. We also have a USDA, who in my opinion, does nothing to curb farm animal cruelty, and even now are deciding to pull back on inspecting these big corporate farms where cruelty to animals provides fistfuls of money for their owners on the backs of our poor incarcerated food animals. Of course, those of us who are meat eaters are complicit in this cruelty. If only there would be millions and millions more vegetarians and vegans so that these places from hell could be shut down and small farms be returned.

Another reason to address the CAFO issue was brought home when I read today David Sirota's post "Meat is Destroying the World." It can be easily found on the internet, and it probably contains some of the reasons that have caused Al Gore to recently become vegan. I was even surprised to find that Beyonce and her husband have also become vegan. I am happy that people with recognizble names
are joining us and are realizing that to save our planet, we have to change the way we eat.


Just today Senator Al Franken of Minnesota offered us the chance to ask him questions at his site. He would choose to answer some of them here for a short period. I jumped at the opportunity- knowing full well that it would be nothing short of miraculous if mine would be addressed.

My question as I remember it: "Why is Congress failing to be concerned about suffering animals?
Why has not the SAFE Act been introduced and passed? This act would stop the sending of our beautiful horses to cruel slaughter in Mexico and Canada. It would prevent horse slaughter from being started again in the US."

Well what do you think of my chances of this being answered by someone who is a member of this do -nothing Congress? So far they have enjoyed 239 vacation days- almost 8 months. I was happy to finally get 3 weeks vacation at my job before I retired and I certainly didn't make anywhere near the big bucks our Congresspeople get along with other perks - like the best medical coverage, mail privileges, etc. It seems to me that they are getting well paid for doing very little.


I have been bombarded with petitions like this one asking various states to stop the killing of wolves. Are they posing a threat to people or is this yet another perk for hunters who seem to enjoy killing for the sake of it? I always think of a past post I read about where this poor little coyote fled a hunter and his pack of barking hunting dogs into a deserted mall - crouching in front of a store hoping not to be seen. No, such luck. This cruel hunter and his dogs were soon upon him and nobody who was there tried to help him.


I am aware and not indifferent to people cruelty. We read so much about people who are starving in Africa and some don't even have a water source. My answer to this problem is to NOT send them goats from Heifer International but to help them dig wells and to plant grain and vegetables which are much better for them than meat. I recently read David Sirota's "Meat is Destroying the World."
We in the rich countries are already depleting a limited amount of resources because of our lust for meat. We certainly shouldn't encourage other nations to emulate our bad habits.

Malala, the beautiful young Pakistani girl who was shot because she spoke up for education for girls paid a price but will always be a source of inspiration to many of us and sadly - that she - not the people who govern there came to the realization that education was meant for everyone.

Child brides. This has always horrified me - that young girls as young as 12 are being sold as brides to often lustful older men. Is this part of the Moslem tradition? If so, it is one which needs to be changed.

There is so much cruelty in this world - both to humans and to animals. God bless the people who
are trying to make important changes which will benefit both.

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