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Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All States USA
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By Fred Wickert

In 2007 I wrote and posted an article on Ourecho titled, AN UNGRATEFUL NATION, Ourecho ID#3343. It dealt with the history of our nation and how ungrateful it has been in the way it treated the military troops who put their livs on the line for their country. It is nothing new. The nation, I am sorry to say, has a history beginning with the Americam Revolution of giving our troops the shaft. They do it without any conscience at all.

In 2007 I stated that things during the Iraq war had the appearance of changing, but I was skeptical. Under the Obama administration my skepticism has proved to be justified. Obama has consistently shown a certain disdain for the military. He has been gutting the military. He has fired more than 200 of the highest ranking officers over the last two years just because they donít agree with him. If we become involved in another war we are in real trouble because we no longer have experienced military leadership in our military. Obama has seen to it that they have been removed.

Obama has seen to it that for political reasons the rules of engagement in Afghanistan are getting our men killed. Those rules of engagement are such that our guys must be attacked and half of them killed before they are permitted to fight back. We must not upset Karzi. I onced served under impossible rules of engagement in SEA during the Vietnam war. Nixon was the president then. For purely political reasons, if Charlie opened fire on the base with mortars from the highway just outside the base perimeter, we were not allowed to return fire. Only if they were actually on the base could we return fire. If they left the base we were not permitted to pursue. We were basically hand cuffed and as I understand it, the rules of engagement in Afghanistan are even more stringent. Such stringent rules are getting our men killed.
There are countless deficiencies in our VA system for the wounded and for those suffering phsycological problems. They do not get the care they need. Because our government is lacking in the care of our disabled veterans, there are countless charitable groups all over the country who are doing much of the work in taking care of the needs of our disabled veterans because our government either canít or wonít or both.
Today, our congress passed a bi partisan budget bill. In that bill is a six billion dollar cut in cola pay for retired and disabled veterans. There is no such cut for retired civilian government retirees. The members of the military go through great hardships and lay their lives on the line for their country. Civilian government employees have soft cushioned jobs with heat and air conditioning, superior pay, working conditions, usually nine to five, and for most, never put anything on the line let alone their lives
They have far better conditions in every way during their years of work and then retire with better retirement pay than military people. Yet, every time they want to make a show of making budget cuts, who gets the shaft? Our veterans are singled out. The civilian government retirees get to keep their cola. Only the military people get to be robbed.
It is a bipartisan bill this time so not just one party can be blamed like it was last time. Last time it was for two and a half years and it was done not by Congress but by Bill Clinton. They needed so badly to make cuts somewhere so they chose military retirees and disabled veterans to cut their cols. AT THE SAME TIME THE SAME BILL PROVIDES A BIG BUNCH OF MONEY TO FUND RESEARCH ON POLE DANCING IN California. Now that is really essential isnít it. Oh yes, it was announced that Obama is going to Hawaii on another multi million dollar seventeen day vacation. He really needed that didnít he/ I wonder how many millions that will cost? You notice of course, that nobody in Congress is taking any pay cuts are they?
So the message from our government is, we want you to go and fight for us and get your eyes blown out or your limbs blown off or get your insides removed along with enemy bullets, and we will make flowery speeches honoring you on Veterans Day and maybe on the fourth of July, and we will promise all kinds of things to you to get you to join and to stay in because we need experienced leaders and man power, but when you get wounded and disabled or if you just retire, we will forget about you and we will forget the promises we made to you. We canít be spending any money on you. After all, we need that money for Obama phones and pole dancing studies and foot baths at air ports for Muslims and a bunch of stuff for buying votes.
Members of Congress, you should be ashamed of yourselves. We are ashamed of you. President Obama, if you sign that bill, and I know you will, you too should be ashamed. The problem is I already know none of you will be. You guys donít sincerely thank the troops. You donít give a damn about them. You donít give a damn about the country or about the people either. All you care about is lining your pockets and getting campaign contributions. I guess retired military and disabled veterans donít donate enough to your campaign funds.

To the people of this country, you too should be ashamed for standing still for it. You should be in an uproar over it, but you wonít. You never are. You donít much care either unless there is a loved one of yours effected by it. You probably donít because retired military and disabled veterans are a very small segment of the overall population. There are just not enough of them to really matter to anyone. That is why they get away with it. There are not enough of them to cost them an election

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