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Story ID:9451
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:eVERYWHERE All states USA
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By Fred Wickert

I have never been a fan of political correctness. Lately I have had a belly full of it. The most recent political correctness seems to be driven by the gay community, and most particularly some organization called GLAAD. I donít know if I am spelling that correctly but that is what it sounds like when they mention it on the news on the radio.

The latest is all about a guy who I guess is supposed to be the family patriarch of something called DUCK DYNASTY, a TV program on A&E. I have never seen this program so I have no clue what it is all about. I do know the family patriarch was being interviewed on some other program and was asked what he thought about the gay life style or something along those lines. He replied that he believed it was not logical and that it seemed to him a womanís vagina had a lot more to offer than a manís anus.

It seems GLAAD took exception to this and has been threatening sponsors of the Duck Dynasty program with boycott if A&E did not fire the guy. A&E, whether or not because of GLAAD, suspended the man for what he said.

To begin with, though he put it perhaps a little crudely, I agree totally with what the man said. He was 100% right. I believe he also later made reference to the fact the Bible says it is wrong. That is correct. The Bible does say it is wrong, though I have heard GLAAD denies that it does. They can deny all they want. I have read it and it leaves no doubt about it. The Bible also says the punishment for it is death. It canít get any more clear about it than that in my humble opinion.

I donít know if A&E did what they did because of the GLAAD outfit or not, but if they did, they should not have and the sponsors that were threatened should have refused to succumb to the threats. I am pleased to say I have heard they did not succumb to the threat.

This same GLAAD outfit threatened boycotts of any company that donated to the Boy Scouts of America because the BSA did not want to accept gays as scout leaders or scout masters. The BSA was totally correct to do this. So many of these gay men, and I am using the term men loosely, are nothing but perverts that if given the chance will prey on boys. To a pedophile pervert, being made a Boy Scout Master and allowed to take a bunch of young boys camping is about as safe for the boys as sending a Catholic priest and a few alter boys in to a Moslem Mosque in Afghanistan full of Taliban.

The political correctness people including government funded ACLU and the liberal judges are always concerned that two or three atheists or Moslems might get offended and want to do away with all the crosses across the land. I am fed up with this kind of political correctness. As a Christian, I am offended by organizations like GLAAD and Manbla, (Man boy love association) and I am offended by A&E suspending a man for using his freedom of speech to say what he thinks and tell the truth about the Bible. I am offended by political correctness in general. I am offended that anyone try to remove crosses across the land and nativity scenes too for that matter. I am offended by all of those things.

When the media and the ACLU and left wing liberals and a few atheists and Muslims are offended by things Christian, I as a Christian and many millions of other Christians all over this country, by far the majority, are offended by their being offended. Why does their opinion count, and those millions of us Christians who have opinions donít count?

I know we Christians are supposed to turn the other cheek, but I think it will be okay if we turn off the A&E channel, turn off any TV news channel which supports GLAAD or A&E on this subject. I think it is okay if we support bakeries which refuse to bake wedding cakes for a gay marriage. I think it is okay to refrain from doing business with companies who support anything anti-Christian. I think it is okay if we choose not to shop in stores that do not allow their employees to say, ďMerry Christmas,Ē and I think it is okay if we donít buy our Christmas tree from a seller who labels them, ďHoliday trees.Ē I think you get the idea.

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