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Story ID:9466
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:New York New York USA
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OurEcho Preface This post deals with a mature theme or contains explicit language. While the post is not extremely violent or pornographic, it does contain language or explore a subject matter that may offend some readers. If you do not wish to view posts that deal with mature themes, please exit this post.
By Fred Wickert

The time was in 1950 in New York City. There was a popular hangout for the teenagers of the neighborhood. There were cheap movies there every Saturday afternoon. You could go to the corner theater and watch a double feature with two or three cartoons for a quarter. There was usually some kind of romance for the girls and a western or a war movie for the boys. Sure they were old, but they were still good movies and a lot of them were even in color. Sometimes they even showed some old Charlie Chaplin movies and occasionally the Three Stooges. They were a little corny but still fun.

It was nice. They had soda and popcorn and candy and it was cheap. Where else could you go for a quarter and spend an entertaining afternoon. If you had a girlfriend, you could take her to the movies on Saturday and not spend more than a dollar, and money was hard to come by in those days. That included the movie tickets, sodas and popcorn for both of you. It was really great and all the kids enjoyed it. There were even a small group of grownups that came to enjoy it.

For every good thing in this world there always has to be something to ruin it. Did you ever notice that? There is always something to come along and ruin a good thing. It is like there was some kind of unwritten law that there could not be any good thing for people allowed to remain there. Our good deal in the neighborhood movie theater was no exception.

Whenever the time came to open the theater there was always a crowd in the lobby. When they had an intermission between films to allow people to go to the bathroom or get some refreshments or get a smoke, the lobby was always busy and packed with people. Most of the people were kids. The kids usually gathered together in groups of friends. There was a group of teen aged girls, another of younger girls, another of teen aged boys and one of younger boys and then sometimes a group of adults if they knew each other and were friends or neighbors. Even when the movies let out, when they were over there were groups talking in the lobby before they broke up and left the place.

It was when there were groups of kids that the trouble started. There was this guy always hanging around. He always positioned himself so he could get an excuse to get real close to the teen aged boys group and at every opportunity, especially when a rush caused them to bunch up tightly, like when they all tried to get in the door at once, this guy pushed up against a couple of the boys and groped their crotch. He also tried to rub his fly up against the rear end of one of the boys. He always tried to make it look like it was an accident and he couldnít help it, but it happened much to often to be an accident.

There really wasnít much we could do about it because we couldnít prove it. If we told our parents they would never believe us. They could never conceive of anyone doing such a thing. The theater management could never do anything without proof and the police could not do anything for the same reason and if they asked him he was sure to deny it, and it was going to come down to the word of an adult against the word of a kid. This guy was a respectable looking man around 50 years old. If we reported it they were sure to think we kids were just trying to make trouble for an innocent bystander.

The trouble is, we knew there was nothing innocent about it. It happened all the time. The guy was a faggot that got his jollies from feeling up young boys. Maybe he thought we were easier prey than a grownup. If he did that to a grownup he might get punched right in the face but we couldnít do that without getting in a bunch of trouble. Besides he was a lot bigger than we were. He just might beat hell out of us if we punched him in the face.

We got together and talked about it. We all agreed we had to do something to put a stop to it, but how were we going to do that? After we talked it over for a while one of the boys had an idea. Most of us had sisters and we all had mothers or even grandmothers. In those days females believed you could not attend church if you were a female, without some kind of covering on their heads. Many of them went all out getting these fancy hats and some even wore a veil or black mesh kind of thing over their face. I never could figure out why, but some of them did. The grandmothers did it more than the sisters but some of them even did it. One thing for sure, they all had long hat pins to keep the wind from blowing their hat off.

Not all the boys were in on it. All the guys who played sports and stuff, or the ones that had jobs after school were in on it. There were a few that were kind of sissy like if you know what I mean. Maybe they werenít really sissies, but they were kind of small boned and not very strong and they stuck their nose in a book instead of playing sports. First, they were no good at sports and second, they didnít want to play for fear they might get hurt. They didnít work after school either because that was too hard for them. There were about ten of us that were in on it and we figured that was enough and we were all sworn to secrecy.

When the next Saturday came we were ready for him. We were determined to put a stop to that faggot once and for all. Before the doors opened to let us in to the seats, he was there groping a couple of the boys. During the intermission he was at it again and rubbing his crotch up against the buttocks of one of the sissies. The poor sissy was very uncomfortable and we felt sorry for him.

We had agreed to wait until the theater let out after the last feature ended. As the crowd made their way through the theater lobby on the way to the exit, there was a prearranged signal. First, a third of the boys surrounded the faggot. Unseen by anyone in the noisy crowd, each boy held the biggest and longest hat pin he could steal from one of the females in his household in a handkerchief. He got as close to the faggot as he could and thrust it into the side of the guy. Then the first third gave way to the second third who did the same and finally the final third shoved their hat pins into the guy. Everybody kept on going out the exit and kept on going, handkerchief returned to their pockets.

The faggot slumped to the floor, never making a sound. When all had left the theater his dead body was found lying in the lobby with ten long hat pins buried in him. The police attempted to investigate but got nowhere because nobody knew a thing. Nobody saw anything. There were no finger prints on the hat pins and they were all of a common variety available in most pharmacies or five and dime stores.

The theater was closed for a couple of weeks. When it reopened nobody was ever bothered again by anybody groping their privates. The boys never discussed it amongst themselves and never discussed it with anyone else so nobody knew anything. Even if they suspected anything they couldnít prove it. The strangest thing of all was that nobody who was missing a hat pin ever mentioned it.

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