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Living in a Gnatery (new word)

Story ID:9467
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA, USA
Person:A loosing battle Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Living in a Gnatery (new word)

9 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, monte1926@yahoo.com writes:

Living in a Gnatery

Iíve lived on the farm
With the mosquitoes and chiggers
Spiders and snakes
Now Iím living with something bigger

Itís just a tiny little pest
Called ďNo see emsĒ
My house is infested
With these little demons

They are in the kitchen
They are on the wall
On my laptop computer
Up and down the hall

In the bathroom
Makes shaving a chore
They are thick on the mirror
Crazy image you canít ignore

While eating a meal
ďNo see umsĒ are so rude
Both hands waving to keep those little devils
From settling on my food.

Watching TV
Just last night
Picture half obscured by gnats
It was quite a sight

If I could figure
Where at night
These pests go
I could put up a fight

With a fly swatter
In my left hand
Another in the right
I could make a stand

Annihilate them
Picture it in my mind
Itíd take years
One at a time

So Iíll call pest control
That will be that
Finally rid myself of
Those pesky little gnats

Monte L. Manka 1-3-2014