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Now I am One

Story ID:9477
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Older Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Now I am One

Now I am One

When I was younger
And in line at the bank
All other windows were closed
Bad luck I did thank

Some older person
In front of the line
Wanted their account checked
From several months behind

Seemed as if it took hours
My time was so important to me
Waiting on this old man
Seemed an eternity

Now I am One

Down at the grocery store
Why does it happen to all men
The old man with a grocery basket full
At the register, no checks and items of ten

His bill is ten, thirty one
He carefully wrote a check for ten
Drags an old sock type purse
And looks and looks for thirty one

Now I am One

While waiting in line for gas
The man immediately ahead
Is messing in his glove compartment
This is the kind I dread

The man is writing something
The man in front is deliberately
Making me wait, while
Checking his MPG

No hurry to move
Thinking nothing of me
As I fume and wait

Now I am One

I plan on a great night at the movies
After getting my ticket I get in line
For a coke and a large buttered popcorn
Everything is going just fine

The little old man ahead of me
In line for popcorn at the local picture show
Canít make up his mind
Small, Med, or Large doncha know

Small amount of butter
Tiny bit of salt, just so
Smoke coming out of my ears
I really want him to GO

Now I am One

Now for all you younger than me
I am planning on getting even you see
I will ponder, wonder and Hesitate
Just to get even for heavens sake

Just kidding you see
I may need you to help me
So Iíll remain the lovable old codger
That I used to be

That old man
Thatís now me
I now understand
Every old person is dealt this hand.

Now I am One

Monte L. Mankaó1-12-2014