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Tokyo Ladies

Story ID:9486
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:Tokyo bound Chelsea Kansas ZKid
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Tokyo Ladies

Tokyo Ladies

While in the Supply office
I volunteered to go
To attend some GIís mentally Ill
From Seoul Korea to Tokyo

If I went
I got ten days in Tokyo
To sight see, this historic city
Buy some souvenirsí, doncha know

Down at Kimpo airport
I climbed aboard a DC-3
Twenty guys in straight jackets
And of course me.

We brought them water
One guy wanted a duck
Since I was the ranking SGT.
It was the Corporalís bad luck

We landed at Tachikawa Air Base
I was given a room
A place to Sleep
Whoopee I could sleep till noon.

I took a train to Tokyo
Headed for ďThe GinzaĒ
A Japanese market street
A shoppers bonanza

I purchased a Japanese Magic Box
For fifteen Yen
I didnít learn how to open it
Right then

A group of Japanese
Gathered around me
The sales lady
Opened the Magic Box, you see

I couldnít open it
After she handed the box to me
The kids were snickering
At this dumb Yankee

I went to the Tokyo train station
While waiting for the train
While seated out side
On a cement fountain ring

Three Japanese girls
Approached the station
One in Western dress
Two in the traditional Kimono

I stood and held my camera
The girls tittered and teeheed
They stopped and posed for me
There wasnít a skinny one as you can see

I thought in my mind
The food would be rationed
Every civilian in Japan
Would be in a state of mummification

These girls were well rounded
Didnít look as if they missed a meal
They looked well fed
Not much sex appeal

Now Iím Tachikawa bound
To bed early for me
The ďErnie Pyle TheaterĒ
Tomorrow for me to see.

Monte L. Manka 05-05-45