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My Korean "Barbie Doll"

Story ID:9487
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA, USA.
Person:Awed Chelsea Kansas Kid
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My Korean "Barbie Doll"

My Korean “Barbie Doll”

Have you ever seen a stranger
Someone new to you
Something about them
Just got to you?

One day at the office
I saw this lady passing by
I just had to have her picture
Don’t ask me why

She wasn’t pretty
Figure like a two by four
Not dressed in the finest
I’d never seen her before

I grabbed my camera
Ran out onto the dirt road
Approached her carefully
Started asking her, in code

She knew I spoke no Korean
As I pointed to my Kodak
Motioned her to the front of our office
She agreed to come back

She never changed her expression
What you saw is what you got
I snapped her picture quickly
She turned and walked off.

I now have a picture of
My Korean Barbie Doll
My Korean Momason
With her parasol.

This was back then
In 1945
I often wonder
If she is still alive

I often wonder what she was thinking
When approached by this brazen GI
Gesturing, with flailing arms
Looking her in the eye

Not smitten by her outward beauty
Or a figure of “ten”
This lady plainly dressed
Probably never see her again

Just the way she was
I thought kinda neat
Especially those “canoe shaped” shoes
She wore on her tiny feet

Those many, many memories
I have of this foreign land
I was there in peacetime
So you can understand

How I could enjoy the beauty
Of the people and country side
I’m so glad that I had the chance
I definitely enjoyed the ride.

Monte L. Manka 1-20-14