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Story ID:9488
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Albany New York USA
Person:Andrew Cuomo
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By Fred Wickert

Last Friday, January 20, 2014 New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo was being interviewed on the radio. I don’t recall the exact words so I am paraphrasing. He said prolife, pro assault weapons, extreme conservatives need to move elsewhere because there is no room for them in New York. He asked, “Who are these people?” And he went on to say that is not who New Yorkers are.

I am one of those people you were talking about Governor. I was born and raised in this state. I have contributed to this state more years than you have lived. In high school I represented the state of New York in the National Future Farmers of America Chorus and performed at the National Convention in Kansas City, Mo. Also in high school I worked for the state Conservation department one summer in Pine Tree Blister Rust control, trying to save the pine trees from dying from that disease. It was successful. When I graduated from high school the Korean War was raging. After attending Cornell University briefly I joined the Air Force. I was in Korea when the war ended Governor. Some thought at the time that I represented New York State.

I continued to serve in The Air Force and returned home after twenty years. A few months later I became the Chief of Police in the Village of Middleburgh for five years. I also served for three years on the County Traffic safety Board, two of them as its Chairman. That was as a volunteer Governor. They don’t pay you for that.

A few years later my wife and I became Family Care Providers for the state, taking care of developmentally disabled adults in our home for twenty eight years. My wife suffered a devastating stroke and we could no longer do it.

I have paid taxes in this state a lot more years than you have been on this earth Governor. I have contributed a lot to this state. All that time you have never had a job where you got your hands dirty. You were born to a wealthy family. Your father was Governor of this state before you. His main contribution as I recall was to insure the state taxed everything that was not already taxed. As I recall, after you finished law school you took the bar exam three times before you could pass it. Then your Daddy pulled strings with President Bill Clinton and with no experience with anything, Clinton appointed you as HUD secretary. I seem to remember there was something about a couple of billion dollars missing from HUD and nobody seemed to know where it went. Did you ever figure that out when you were the man in charge? If so I must have missed that in the news.

Until you got yourself elected Governor, I lost track of what you were doing after HUD. I know that deal ended with the end of the Clinton administration. Maybe I lost track because I just wasn’t interested in you or what you were doing. Did your Daddy get you another job? Or did you make enough connections while you were at HUD to get some other privileged deal?

I am a strong conservative. I am prolife. I do have a problem with the legalized murder of innocent unborn babies for the sake of convenience. I have a problem with murdering them as they are being born too. Yes, I like what you call assault weapons. I owned one that I have had for many years and I have hunted deer with it. When you pushed through your unconstitutional anti gun law in the middle of the night like a damned coward, it required that I register it within 30 days. I was not about to so I turned it over to my grandson who lives in another state where there is no law against it. You have illegally and unlawfully and in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, a constitution which you took an oath to protect, defend and obey I might add, had a law rammed through the legislature and signed which required me to register my M-1 carbine and prohibited me from owning or possessing the magazines for it, or of ever obtaining another one if I chose to do so.

I want to ask, who are you? I must have missed it when they made you God. You asked , “Who are these people?” I and many more like me want to know, who are you? Who gave you the right to tell me and others like me to move out of New York? Who are you to tell us there is no room in this state for us to live? You said on the radio that is not who New Yorkers are. Wrong Governor, we are New Yorkers. Many, as in my case, were New Yorkers long before you were born. Who the hell do you think you are?

I have some news for you Governor, being the Governor does not give you that right. As for leaving, please be advised that many have already left and others are planning to go because of the rotten policies and laws in this state. I have a niece. She has five sons. She has a brother and two sisters. She is the only one still living in New York State. All of her siblings and all of her sons have gone. Just she and her daughter remain in New York. I also have four nephews. They are the sons of my youngest sister. All of them have left New York State. Some friends of ours had three daughters. Every one of them moved out of the state, and later, she and her husband left too. All have decided to live elsewhere because of the rotten liberal tax and spend policies and some of the asinine laws you liberals keep passing to intrude more and more in to our private lives.

The point is Governor, you don’t need to tell them. They are doing it anyway. Businesses have been running away too. Now you are trying to bribe businesses to come in to the state.

If I was a lot younger, maybe I would go too. I doubt it though. I don’t like running away. I prefer to stay and fight for something better. In my view the state needs conservatives to try to turn things around.

Forget it Governor, I am not leaving. You are not putting me out either. The way I see it, I have paid my dues and I have a right to live here. I think I have earned that right a damned site more than you have. Of course, if you are too uncomfortable with us strong conservative gun loving abortion hating and gay marriage objecting people in New York state, you are free to move out

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