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Two Ladies on the ?Bung Chung

Story ID:9491
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:Perturbed Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Two Ladies on the ?Bung Chung

Two Ladies on the Bong Chong

A trip to Seoul
Was not complete
If you didn’t visit
Seoul’s market street.

Bung Chung, Bong Chong
For me just a guess
The correct pronunciation
I must confess

I never really knew
So for now
Bung Chung
Will do

The Bung Chung was odorous
It smelled of Kimchi
A garlic type of odor
That would bring you to your knees

The department stores
Smelled of old clothes
It was hard to walk along
Without holding your nose

I took this photo
Of the two Korean women
Walking and talking, shopping
Out spending their Yen.

I never could figure out
Why they dressed so plain
Black and white were the only colors
Why should I complain?

With all the pretty silks
Prints, colors galore
But no, just black and white
Nothing more.

The meat along the Bung Chung
Was black with flies
If you had a weak stomach
You would have to shield your eyes.

Visiting the Bung Chung
Was a trip back in “TIME”
Never saw a policeman
Must have been no crime

These two Korean women
So plainly adorned
Was a pleasant sight to see
On this Saturday morn

Took my mind off the Occupation
Took my mind off Medical Supply
For a few moments
Bung Chung Bye, bye.

Monte L. Manka 1-21-2014