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Just another Sunset?

Story ID:9492
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Corona CA, USA
Person:Seasick Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Just another Sunset?

Just another Sunset?

Just another Sunset?

On the bow of the troop ship Cape Cleare
Thousands of miles from land
September, nineteen forty five
With camera in my hand

The moment was approaching
For the sun to set on the sea
Gently settling on the horizon
Waiting Patiently

What a beautiful sight
No way to tell
If I got it right

Had to wait centuries it seemed
For the photo
I was on pins and needles
Doncha know.

The finished photo showed
Taken from the bow
Exactly what I saw
On that garbage scow.

This picture was taken
Between Pearl Harbor and Eniwetok
Just to get on dry land
Was my only thought

After 30 days and thirty nights
Landed at Okinawa Island
No pretty girls to greet us
No brass band

When we got on shore
We were sent
To “Happy Valley”
To a twenty four man tent

The tent was hot
A heavy smell of creosote
One of those Army canvas cots
Already I missed the boat

I sorta missed those
Sunsets at sea
For two years
It wasn’t meant to be

That wasn’t all,
You see
We left for Korea
On an LST. (Landing Ship Tank)

Monte L. Manka 01-22-2014