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The Twelve Most Memorable Moments of 2013

Story ID:9499
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Writers Conference:My Favorite Holiday Story
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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The Twelve Most Memorable Moments of 2013

The Twelve Most Memorable Moments of 2013

The Twelve Most Memorable Moments of 2013

Each year, on Christmas Eve, I do a special game for my wife. It began in 2008,
when we moved to Idaho. Short on money, we agreed not to exchange gifts that year.

To not give my wife a present on Christmas made me sad, so I created the game,
"The Twelve Reasons Why I Love You". I hid them all over the house. They were
behind pictures, under things in the kitchen, upstairs in the bedroom …everywhere.
To each reason why I loved her, I attached a $1 scratch-off lottery ticket.

Since that first year, the game has become "The Twelve Most Memorable
Moments of the Year". It's my way remembering great moments Ginny I had during
the past year.

Here are the twelve most memorable moments of 2013.

Under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve was an envelope with Ginny's name
on it. She picked it up, opened it, set the one dollar scratch-off lottery ticket on the
coffee table and read the first memorable moment.

1 – Our trip to the Malad Gorge, 1000 Springs and the fossil fields with the boys.
It was a fun day trip, to expose our grandsons to some of the beauty Idaho has to
offer. Our oldest grandson, Seth, later said, "The gorge was the prettiest thing I've
ever seen."

We made a great memory with them that day.

The clue to your next moment is, "Under a gift for others."

She found it hidden under a gift beneath the tree that we were giving to a friend.

2- Your birthday surprise birthday weekend.

We stayed a weekend at the Casino in Pendleton, Oregon. You do love your slot

Your next clue is: Near where you sit.

It was behind a cushion on the sofa.

3 - Your Birthday trip to the Multnomah Falls near Portland, Oregon.

On day two of your birthday weekend, we surprised you with a trip to see Multnomah
Falls in Oregon. You were thrilled. Waterfalls are one of your favorite things. This
two-tiered fall, is stunning. Water pours over the rim of a cliff and drops a total of 611
feet to the bottom of the second tier. You also took some amazing photographs.

Your next clue is: Your morning drink.

You found it under the coffee maker.

4 - See Heather and Nathan leave for California.

It's not a happy memory, but a great opportunity for Nathan to get his degree and a great memory.

Your next clue is: Sergon. You found it behind the replica of Sergon's painting
called, "Waterlilies".

5 - The day I started the 365 days with reasons why I love you.

My mission is almost complete. It will end on February 13, 2014.

Your next clue is: I constantly use these.

This clue stumped your for awhile. Then you remembered I'm always blowing my
nose (thanks to the cats).

You found it under a box of tissues.

6- The day I handed you the keys to the used car I bought from our friend

You finally had your own transportation. I loved the smile on your face.

Your next clue is: Ohio State University stocking.

You found it behind a wooden Christmas tree ornament. It's made of wood and
shaped like a stocking. My daughter painted it with Ohio State colors and gave it to
us for Christmas one year.

7 - Your trip to North Carolina to see your son, daughter-in-law and our
granddaughter, who you haven't seen in two years.

What can I say about this? It speaks for itself.

Your next clue is: Sleepy Time.

You found it under your pillow.

8 - Our weekend in New Meadows with our dear friend Kevin.

This one speaks for itself too. It was a nice night out.

Your next clue is: You'll shoot your eye out kid.

It's a famous line from the movie "A Christmas Story" In the movie
the father wins a major award, which turned out to be a lamp shaped like a
woman's leg. I have a small replica of it. You found your next clue under it.

9 - Our night with Dave, Carla, Maryann and Larry at Masters of Illusions.

It was a fun night of magic.

Your next clue is: I'm an angel.

You found it under angel on the counter.

10 - Our night watching Circ De Musica.
A fun night of combined music and circus acts. I cringed many times, when I
thought one of the performers was about to fall.

Your next clue is: I protect your hands.
You found it under an oven mitt.

11 - The day we paid off the loan on our old car.

Finally …it was paid for. YEAH!

Your next clue is: Ho! Ho!

You found it hidden behind a special Santa ornament in the Christmas tree.

12 – Our night with Kevin and Vickie, Paul and Paula and MaryAnn and
Larry at the clubhouse in our apartment complex.

We always have a great time with them. We come home from these gatherings
with our jaws aching from laughing so long and hard.

There you have it, Baby. Our best moments of 2014 await us. Let's make them

Love you.


Michael T. Smith