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Story ID:9502
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All states USA
Person:President Obama
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By Fred Wickert

I wrote yesterday about President Obama and his interview with the New Yorker Magazine in which he whined when asked about his plummeting ratings, that people didnít like him because he was a black president. I listed a number of reasons why people didnít like him and pointed out that it had nothing to do with the color of his skin.

There are a number of other things beside those I mentioned but there is one major one I did not mention that I will spend some time on today. That is the subject of religion and Christianity in particular.

When Barack Obama ran for President the first time he made it a point to say he had been brought to Jesus Christ by the Reverend Wright, who at the time was the subject of much controversy. He was emphatic that he was a Christian.

Soon after becoming president Barack Obama made a speech in which he said this country is no longer a Christian nation. The majority of the population of this country is of the Christian faith. I believe the official figure is somewhere around 86% and only 14% divided between other faiths and atheism or no faith.

This country from the beginning has been mostly Christian and it is powerfully evident throughout our history, beginning with the Declaration of Independence. Many of our buildings in the nationís Capital have Christian symbols or inscriptions on them. Some of the statuary decorating our buildings reflect our Christian heritage. The writings of many of our founding fathers have ample references to our respect and belief in the Almighty. Even our money bears the words, ďIn God we trust.Ē

President Obama, when you announced that we are no longer a Christian nation, you shocked and offended 86% of the American people who are themselves, Christians. At the time the media put a lot of spin on it and they said you didnít really mean that, but you meant something else and it just didnít come out right.

We did not know then what a liar you are. We had a lot to learn. We are still learning. You and your policies have consistently attacked the Christian religion ever since you took office.

You canceled the National day of prayer one year. You have consistently failed to support things Christian or things Jewish for that matter, while favoring things Islam. Maybe you thought we didnít notice, but we did. We didnít like it either.

We have always been a friend and ally to the nation of Israel since it was established. They had no greater ally than the United States and we had no grater ally in the middle East than Israel. You have given Israel the dirty end of the stick so to speak, while favoring, helping and aiding and supporting the Moslem Brotherhood.

We as a nation have noticed this and we donít like it. You spent 20 years attending the church of the Reverend Wright. Maybe he was so busy preaching God Damned America that he never got around to telling you that Jesus Christ was a Jew and that most of the original Christians were Jews. Christians are often referred to as Judeo Christians. In other words, Christians and Jews are closely related and the Lord God Jehovah is God to us both.

Your attack on Christianity has not gone unnoticed. We are aware of the antichristian orders in the military to the Chaplinís and in the military academies and we donít like it.

When you try to force Christian people and Christian organizations via Obama Care to pay for abortions and contraceptives which are in direct violation of their religious beliefs and in violation of their constitutional rights, we donít like it either.

When we donít like all these things you are doing, we donít like you. Where does the color of your skin enter in to all of that? It doesnít. You could be an albino and the people still would not like you for doing all those things. Maybe you hadnít noticed President Obama, but people get a little touchy when you interfere with their religious beliefs.

You seem to be really friendly toward the Moslems. You even wrote in one of your books that if it came to a showdown between the Moslems and us, that you would side with the Moslems. Be very careful Obama, because when you offend them, they will cut your head off. We Christians just donít like you. The Moslems when you do something they donít like, they will kill you. Sometimes they donít stop there. Sometimes they kill your family too, right after they rape them.

Guess what? None of it has anything to do with the color of your skin.

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