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A touch of History

Story ID:9508
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Up to date Chelsea Kansas Kid
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A Touch of History

Long before seat belts
Or helmets for the bikers
We were a hardy group
None of us were pikers.

Way before we had smog controls
Installed on our personal cars
They used to run smoothly
Now they arenít up to par.

Prior to the time we had knee pads
For our little Lads
Having skinned up knees
Really not so bad.

Eons before we had telephones
That we now carry in our pocket
Now everyone has one
Iím not the one to knock it.

Years before we had computers
That would let us send instant mail
Not all letters reached their destination
Some times the Post Office would fail

Now they have those hand held things
And the young couples constantly text
They donít talk to each other anymore
Whatíll they think of next?

Long before we had
A flat screen TV
A 13 inch Westinghouse
Was good enough for me

Even before electricity
We did our homework at night
Electricity only in the cities
We used a coal oil light

Long before we had gas heat
Out here on the farm
We chopped our own kindling wood
To keep us warm

After all this rambling
I couldnít go back
I couldnít go on without these things
And thatís a fact.

Monte L. Manka 01-30-2014