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Shortened Army raining

Story ID:9509
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Pfc. Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Shortened Army raining

Shortened Army raining

Shortened Army raining

Shortened Army Training

16 weeks in Camp Fannin
Back in “45”
Several times while training there
I thot I’d not come out alive

Sgt. Berger and Cpl. Collins
Trained us day and night
Kept on our backs
Made us want to fight

After we graduated training
Was sent to Camp Rucker, Alabama
To young to be sent overseas
To old to be sent home to Mama

On our way to Camp Rucker Alabama
For advanced Infantry training
The Bazooka and the Flame Thrower
Training, training, training

Only thing that bothered me
Really gave me the shakes
While crawling through the weeds
Had to watch out for Coral snakes

Finally after a few weeks
We left there
Headed for Oregon
To Camp Adair

On the way to Camp Adair
Out on the Kansas plain
Our transportation slowed down
We were ordered to de-train

The Sgt. made an announcement
President Truman dropped the bomb
World War II is over
Now you can carry on

The Sgt. told us
You are lucky to a man
Your orders were
“Invasion of Japan.”
(Thank you Harry T.)
Monte L. Manka 1-30-2014