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Death of a Farm

Story ID:9511
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona Ca USA
Person:Sad Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Death of a Farm

Death of a Farm

A couple months ago
Our neighbor across the way
They opened up his barn
Its contents are up for auction today

I see four old washtubs
Two purposes they did have
Washing the family’s laundry
And giving the kids a bath

Standing in front
Gold colored Metal Star
Special made for him
When His twin sons went off to war

Erin and Eric, his twin sons
Were the apples of my neighbor’s eye
When they left
He went into the barn to cry

He wanted no one to think
That he was not a man
If someone saw him cry
The thought he could not stand

That big gold colored star
Remained right by the road
For months and months
The story that it told

How the twins were killed
Back in “44”
On a beach in Normandy
During that old World War

When the Officers came
To give him the bad news
He made up his mind
That gold colored star would not be moved

That colored gold star
Remained there by the trail
He saluted it as he and Shep walked by
Down to get the mail.

When my neighbor had his stroke
And had to walk slowly with a cane
Old Shep, faithful dog was he
Walked with him down the lane

These farm sales
Usually mean one thing
Someone has died
They are selling his “hidings”

Our Old farmhouse
Burned to the ground
Nothing could be salvaged
Nothing could be found

I felt sad
So did my Dad
Maybe not so bad

I could not have an auction
Of my boyhood memories
I’d be sick as heck
While some stranger bid on these.

So to my neighbor
Who I knew so well
Seeing these things go up for auction
Must have put him through hell.

Monte L. Manka 2-1-2014