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Dream Home

Story ID:9513
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Penned up Chelsea Kansas Kiid
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Dream Home

Dream Home

This house was built
Far from any town
A dream home for a rancher
Who wanted to be alone

With his young wife
Who was from the city
She hated the solitude
And she herself did pity

He planted the south quarter
To alfalfa hay
And planted oats
On the forty across the way

This knee deep lush prairie grass
On The half section to the west
Made winter feed for the cattle
When the weather was its messiest

They almost lost the baby
On that thirty mile trip to town
Rough and muddy roads made
That old Model ďAĒ bounced up and down

Fred thought to himself
We will be moving to the city
When the next baby comes
Weather might not be so pretty

Now this dream home
Of this young rancher and his family
Sits abandoned
Out there on the prairie

Through the many rain storms and gusty winds
This fine home has lost its luster
For this young rancher just to drive by
Takes all the gumption he can muster

When he looks upon this shell
Of a once fine house
Down deep he feels
Like a louse

He should have been braver
And stayed on this ranch
He gave in much too soon
He missed fishing on that little branch

Duck hunting on that pond
Rabbit hunting in the pasture
Heís really misses this
Thatís for sure

He heads back to the city
Where his family of three
Awaits the return of this young rancher

He knows he will never go back
He will not be returning
He will stay in the city
Maybe an occasional yearning

This young rancher will
Will set himself free
Of the good life
Out there on the prairie.

Monte L. Manka 02-03-2014