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Story ID:9522
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every City Every State USA
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By Fred Wickert

For a very long time now, every day it seems, there is something in the news about someone or something being branded as racist or racism. It is always said or implied the accused is white and having racism against black people. For several decades people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Reverend Wright of Chicago and Lewis Farakhan have built their successful and lucrative careers on preaching about racism and racists. When they do it is always about white against black racism.

Five years ago Barack Obama became President of the United States. From the moment he took office, every person who has taken the risk of disagreeing with him about anything has been branded a racist or having racist policies or tendencies, and of course no one wants to have the brand of racist pinned on him or her so they are greatly intimidated and afraid to oppose him. He swings it like a double bladed axe, and a very effective weapon against all who oppose him. A complicit media has compounded the problem.

I for one am sick and tired of this hypocrisy. I am completely fed up with it. It is all as phony as a three dollar bill. Barack Obama and his Attorney General, Erick Holder, have almost made all the others irrelevant any more. You hardly hear of the other racial hate mongers because those two have taken center stage. Sharpton now has his own TV show and Jesse Jackson has to make up things just to try to keep from being forgotten altogether.

The situation has reached epidemic proportions. In hundreds of cities all over the country, groups of black people are attacking white and Asian peoples and brutally beating them without provocation. In most cases the media will not even report it. Occasionally they do when one of the victims dies. When they do report it, they usually refuse to report the race of the attackers. A thing called ďThe knockout gameĒ where the object is to see if they can knock out an unsuspecting victim with one punch has been going on for about three years, but we have never heard about it until in the last six months because the media was reluctant to report it. Someone might call them racist if they did. Even the police are reluctant to mention the race of the perpetrators.

When blacks attack white people with such hatred and anger it usually is said to be pay back for slavery. What a bunch of hooey that is. There are extremely few people in this country whose grandparents were slaves, if any. Certainly none have parents who were slaves and there are none who are young enough to perpetrate these crimes who have ever been slaves. In a large portion of the black population, they are either immigrants or first generation children of immigrants, and if they ever had ancestors who were slaves, it was not here in the USA.

I personally am opposed to racism. I remember as a child the prevailing racism was not against black people but against Jewish people. My ancestors never owned slaves. They were abolitionists who participated in the Underground railroad helping slaves escape to Canada. I have written against racism before I ever heard of Barack Obama. I saw segregation years ago when stationed in the South while in the Air Force and I fought against it then. I do not appreciate it when someone implies that I am racist.

Is there racism in this country? Sure there is. I have been in several countries and I have found racism in every one of them. I have always had dogs and cats. I have observed racism even exists with them. I have had buff colored dogs who hated black and white dogs. I have cats right mow who hate orange or yellow cats. Yes, it exists no matter where you go, but it does not exist to the extent the current President and his administration and the media want you to believe. Even then, they are reporting the existing racism the exact opposite of that which does exist.

The biggest racism in this country is not white against black, but it is instead, black against white and Barack Obama has done more in my view, than anyone else to promote more of it and make it worse.

Take a look and what do you see? We have the NAACP, we have BET, we have the United Negro College Fund, we have black universities, we have Black Miss America Pageant, we have The Congressional Black Caucus, we have Black Entertainment Awards, Black this and Black that. They even made up their own religion and gave it the African sounding name, Kwanza. Whites not allowed!

Can you imagine the furor if the white people tried that? Stop and think about it for a moment. Just who is being racist against whom? For a half a century the white people have bent over backwards to include black people. I have had black friends. Black people have been guests in my home. I have dined with black friends in my home and in restaurants. I know other whites who have. Turn things around a little and black people who griped about not being included with whites insist on having their own private things where only black people are allowed. No whites need to apply. So just who is really being racist?

Another thing about this racial business that irks me is the term African American. Most of us just call ourselves Americans. If they really want to be included in our society, why canít they just call themselves Americans? Why does it have to be African Americans?

The truth is, many black people who are citizens of this country are not even African descendants. Look at Barack Obama who is proud to call himself African American. He is not African. To begin with, he is half white. His father was an Arab. He was not African. It is true that he lived in Kenya, but he was Arab. I think there is one African woman in his ancestry of his fatherís side that actually was African, but the amount of African blood he has is the smallest of any and the most is white, so where does he get off calling himself African? He certainly is not.

Factually very few of the black people in this country have ever been in Africa and neither have their parents or grandparents. In addition to that, there are a huge number of black people in this country who came from, or their ancestry came from the Caribbean and not from Africa. A large portion of the slaves in this country were also from the Caribbean and not from Africa, so in fact, many who call themselves African Americans have no African heritage at all.

I think it is time to look at the facts. I think we should understand where the real majority of racism is in this country and just who it is that is really being racist. I think it is time for Affirmative Action to be done away with. It has served its purpose long ago. Now all it does is to promote reverse discrimination. I think it is time black people take a hard look at themselves and figure out the real reasons for so many of their failures. Most of it can be found with their own leaders and politicians who exploit them and the fault of themselves. It is not the white people, it is not the Asian people they also attack who are at fault. It is their own fault. There are a lot of successful black people. Very few of them accuse whites of racism. Why? It is because they bettered themselves. The government canít and wonít do it for you.

Letís stop all this division and all be Americans for a change. All this division is hurting all of us and those who promote racial turmoil are doing it for profit, power and political gain. Donít let them fool you any more.

Just for the record, I am Caucasian. I have been half of an interracial marriage for 55 years. I have two daughters and four grandchildren who are not Caucasian. That will not stop some people who donít know that from calling me a racist.

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