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A Special Bond

Story ID:9523
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:The Chelsea Kansas Kid
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A Special Bond

A Special Bond

A Special Bond

That Special Bond

On a cap I wear
Embroidered in plain view
In bold gold letters
Veteran of WWII

I saw no action
But to Korea I was sent
Served only in the Occupation
Started out in a two man tent.

With this introduction
Maybe you can see
How I can talk with other veterans
And they can talk to me

Last week
I walked into a department store
To buy a couple pair of jeans
Nothing more,

Behind the cash register
A young man was the clerk
I noticed he had a withered hand
I felt like a jerk

He noticed me staring
At his right hand
Scared and marred
I couldn’t understand

How he kept on with a
Smile on his face
Meeting the gawking public
Face to face

“May I show you something?”
I told him what I wanted to see
He stepped out from behind the counter
He said follow me

As I followed behind
He limped as he walked across the store
In a pile in the corner
Was what I was looking for

He said I see you are a vet
I said that no action had I seen
I did not volunteer
I was drafted at age eighteen

He went on to tell me
How his tank was hit
The burning fuel
Made a mess of it

His buddies made it out
All had severe burns
He had spent several months in a hospital
Before he could return

To his own home
In this small town
He was always smiling
Never did I see a frown

I stopped looking at his hand
I saw a bright young man
Who served his country
And wanted me to understand

That he was not bitter
I admired his attitude
The way he felt about this country
Even made me feel good.

I bought the Jeans
As I walked out of the store
I could still hear him saying
“This country’s worth fighting for”

Monte L. Manka 02-8-2014