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Cpl, Collins of Company "B"

Story ID:9525
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona Ca. USA
Person:Trainee Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Cpl, Collins of Company "B"

Cpl. Collins, “B” Company

In camp Fannin Texas
Early one morn about three
My indoctrination
My first day in the Army

We were introduced
To Cpl. Collins of Company B
For sixteen weeks
Our leader, doncha see.

Cpl. Collins was showered and shaved
Fatigues Ironed to a “T”
Marching up and down the barracks floor
His cadre-stick tapping on his knee

Every morning as he blew his whistle
How my ears did ring
“I want to hear feet hit the floor
And head for the latrine”

After showering and shaving
Donning our fatigues, well pressed
Falling out for roll call
Marching off to “mess”

After breakfasting on S.O.S.
We marched back to the barracks
Before we could rest
We heard Cpl. Collins bark

Rifle and full field pack
Fall out in ten
We would lineup
And then

In column of twos
Down the road we marched
Cpl. Collins counting cadence
With a throaty bark

When we arrived at the site
We told to drop our full field pack
Then got the command
Place your Rifles in a stack

We headed for the bleachers
Where the lesson of the day
Would be hammered into our heads
One thing I can say

You better pay attention
The thing you would dread
If you dozed off
That cadre-stick across your head

You wore your Helmet Liner
Out on the road
That cadre-stick on the Helmet Liner
Made your head explode.

After a day at the rifle range
Learning how to toss a grenade
Firing of the flame-thrower
We thought we had it made

Back to the barracks
After falling in
Up walked this
Strange Cadreman

Any truck drivers
Was his command
In our platoon of fifty
Up went several hands

One thing you learn early
Whether Army, Navy, or marines
If told to do it, you do it
You don’t volunteer for anything

Sixteen weeks of training
Get my “Delay In Route”
I am now ready for combat
Know what it’s all about.

Monte L. Manka 02-2014

Me on the left