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Cappers Farmer

Story ID:9527
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Crossword Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Cappers Farmer

Cappers Farmer

Cappers Farmer

High on the priority list on our farm
Was our #3 mail route
Letters, cards and newspapers
Delivered by our mailman Mr. Ira Couts.

Mr. Couts wasn’t very friendly
As I stood there impatiently
He put the mail in the box
Never handed it to me

After he drove off I grabbed the mail
I took off on a dead run
To the house
To have some fun

And kill the boredom
That seemed to be
That “Cappers Farmer” crossword
Belonged to me

Mr. Couts delivered
In dust, snow, and hail
About a fifty mile route
Over hill and dale.

Once a week
He delivered our “Capper Farmers” news
Only six or eight pages
Didn’t take long to peruse

After Mom read the paper
From front to back
I would check the Crossword puzzle
And make my feeble attack

To see if I could
Complete without a mistake
Never seemed to be
At any rate

We got the answer in the paper
The following week
I could correct my mistakes
Of last week

If I needed the name
Of some big shot
In the white house
I’d asked my mom and got

The answer
I would seek
For that “Capper’s Farmer” crossword
Delivered once a week

Made me a list of names
Latin and Greek
For that “Cappers Farmer” crossword
Delivered once a week

I got hooked early
Still do them today
At the age of 87
Miss a couple anyway

But for me
Makes the time go fast
Racking my brain for answers
I have a blast

So to you good people
Who love a good Crossword
Remember that funny Llama name
And that ancient bird

Keep close an eraser
For any dumb mistake
In your favorite crossword
That you might make.

Monte L. Manka 02-11-2014