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Story ID:9537
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Oneonta New York USA
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By Fred Wickert

I live in the Catskill Mountains in a remote area where it is far from all the conveniences. It is my habit every Thursday to drive forty miles to the City of Oneonta to shop for supplies. While there I almost always drop by a Japanese restaurant named Mt Fuji in the South side mall. My wife and I started going there from its beginning. It is operated by a Chinese family of wonderful people. It may surprise some to learn that 70% or more of the Japanese restaurants in the U.S. are run by Chinese people.

This week I couldn’t get out of my driveway due to a Nor’easter dumping nearly two feet of snow. On Friday after removing snow for seven and a half hours I went to Oneonta. About 8:30 with more than half of my shopping finished, I went to the Mt Fuji restaurant. It was packed like I have never seen it before. There must have been forty people waiting for a table and every table in the place was full.

Because I have been going there for so long we are good friends and they consider me like one of the family. When I came in the girl behind the counter saw me and asked if I was going to eat. I told her I was. She asked if I could sit at the sushi bar and I said Okay. She took me to a seat.

Later on I was about half way through my meal when one of the other girls came up to me and said a guy must be a friend of mine as he had just paid for my dinner. She asked if I wanted to thank him before he left. I said I would. When she took me to the man, I knew I had never seen him before.

He was about six two, built well and very good looking. I guessed his age at around 24 years of age. He could have passed easily for a professional football quarterback. I thanked the man and told him it was greatly appreciated and came as a big surprise. I asked him what had motivated him to do such a thing. I asked if he had seen me around wearing my retired military hat because some people do things like that for a veteran. He replied that he had not seen my hat. He said he was there having a good time with his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day and saw me sitting there alone while everyone else was with their wife or girlfriend. He said he thought the least he could do was pay for my dinner.

When I returned to the sushi bar to finish my meal, the female half of a couple sitting at the sushi bar said, “It is nice to know there are still some good people in this world.” I agreed strongly that it was indeed. I am 80 years old and never had that happen to me before. I doubt that I will again. Believing I should pass on the young man’s generosity, I left three times the usual tip. Maybe it will help make up for some of those who leave no tip at all.

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