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Story ID:9546
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Sick Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Down to the Motor Pool
Checked out a Jeep
Headed to Seoul
And Bung Chung street

As I came into town
I heard the constant clanging
Of a trolley bell
Clanging and clanging

I stopped the Jeep
There laying on the track
Seemingly dead
Was a woman in black

The trolley man got off the trolley
Pulled the woman off the track
But before he could get back
The woman in black was back on the track

While the bell was constantly ringing
A Korean policeman appeared
Pulled the woman in black
Back off the track

It was plain to me
She wanted to die
Her shawl hid her face
I wondered why

The Trolley proceeded on down the track
Two policemen helped the lady in black
To her feet
And off the street

They stopped by my Jeep
The wind blew back her shawl
What I witnessed
Made my skin crawl

Her face was a scabby mess
Cheeks looked like raw meat
Her eyes were recessed
They let her amble on down the street

Back to the office
I related my story
The doctor said
She probably had Leprosy

What I stopped to see
That seemed funny to me
The clanging of the bell
What I saw was a part of hell

The lady in black
Lying across the trolley track, in Seoul
Who I took
For a fool

Now I could see why
She wanted to die
She had no reason to live
Nothing they could give

To make her whole again
I felt bad
I felt sad
For what I had seen

I turned around
Headed out of town
Forgot about Bung Chung Street
Stopped at the motor pool and turned in the Jeep

Try as I might
I couldnít leave behind
I couldnít get what Iíd seen
Out of my mind.

Later that day
Some poker I did play
In a few hands
I began to unwind

Today I thought about it
Had to write about it
And I find
Iíve left it behind

Monte L. Manka 02-21-2014