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Jack Rose

Story ID:9549
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:In Memory
Location:Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Jack Rose
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I walked into a new job at CNCP telecommunications. I was young and green. Jack,
most people knew John, took me under his wing and mentored me. His patience kept him from
slapping some sense into this young man.

Over the years, we became close, shared laughs and became friends.

Jack's wife Marjorie passed on.

I tried to be there for Jack, but being young, I had no idea what pain he felt.

Jack retired.

My first wife, Georgia, and I invited Jack for Christmas that year.

It was a special day.

From then on, Jack came to our home for most of the major holidays. Georgia and
our two children adored him.

I loved him.

One Christmas, he brought his trumpet. My young daughter, in her first year of band,
played Christmas carols on her clarinet as Jack led her along. It was a special moment.
He and I golfed, played dart tournaments, cribbage tournaments, shared a few too many
beers and best of all, we laughed.

We both sucked at golf. It was just a fun guy outing for us.

My life changed.

I was laid off and had to move. In 1996 I ended up in Saint John, New Brunswick. It
was a town Jack grew up in.

We stayed in touch through phone calls.
In 1999, I moved to Ohio. Jack got on the internet. He and I have communicated
daily ever since.

In 2002, I made a trip back to Nova Scotia. Jack and I had our last round of golf,
last game of darts, last game of pool and our last beer together.

I haven't been home since, but Jack and I stayed in touch daily.

I moved to New Jersey.

In 2003, my Georgia died. I learned the pain Jack felt when his Marjorie died.

It hurt.

As always, Jack was there for me. He mentored me into a new stage of life. His
experience with grief helped me through a rough time.

I remarried to a wonderful woman from North Carolina. When I spoke to jack on the
phone, she joined in. Jack learned I met a great lady and was happy for me. They became
friends too.

We moved from Jersey to Idaho, where we live now.

Jack and I continued to email
daily ...until recently.

My morning email is empty now.

Jack is gone. He passed away on Friday, February 21, 2014.

I'll miss my buddy so much.

Thank you for our friendship, Jack. You'll never be forgotten by your friend.

I loved you, Buddy.


I love you! In my mind, you are still there.

Michael T. Smith