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Entertainment 1930's

Story ID:9556
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Dancin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Entertainment 1930’s

Back before TV
Before telephone
Before Radio
We were not alone

The word was put out
By some farmer
At some farm or schoolhouse
A get together

Was to be a “Barn Dance”
Come one come all
There’s to be some fiddelin music
We’ll have a ball

I was maybe six or seven
I watched in awe
How these farmers and their wives acted
Couldn’t believe what I saw

Harry on the Fiddle
Only three musicians
Hattie was on the piano
Zeke on the Accordion

Harry smoked a pipe
Zeke always had a chaw
You could tell
By the bulging of his jaw

Zeke was a master
At hitting that spittoon
While he played on the Accordion
Some happy tune.

Everyone is waitin
While they get in tune
Fiddle strings are tightened
A few bars of “Clare De Lune”

Suddenly it grew quiet
Then “One, Two Three Four”
Started playing “Turkey in the Straw”
Everyone hit the floor

Those old farmers cut loose
Not a wallflower in the place
Everyone was dancing
Not an unhappy face

All the troubles of the day
Definitely forgotten
While those farmers and their wives
Are out there turkey “trottin”

Even us kids
Were prancing to the tune
Having us a ball
Bedtime for us soon

Between each dance
The men went outside
I guess to get some fresh air
Found out later it was to imbibe

Some of Oliver’s “white lightning”
Out of a jug,
Water clear
Kept hearing “Chug-a-lug”

Mom would put us on two chairs
My brother and me
Wasn’t long before
We were fast asleep.

Never saw the ending
Of a barn dance
Times had changed
Never got a chance

In my teens
We got TV
We watched this marvel
At home just our immediate family

Suddenly it grew quiet

Monte L. Manka 3-2-2014