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Cure-All, Panacea, Elixir, Wonder-Drug

Story ID:9559
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:Dosed Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Cure-All, Panacea, Elixir, Wonder-Drug

While walking up North Main, in El Dorado
With my Mom and Dad
Many, Many years ago
When I was just a lad

In front of the piano tuners place
On a box surrounded by a crowd
There stood an older man
Talking kinda loud

I asked what’s he doing Dad
He’s hawking his wares
He’s a Snake oil salesman
Selling his elixir’s

This was before Glucosamine
This was years before Hadicol
Before Chondroitin
Long before Geritol

One little old “Church goin lady”
Raved about Geritol and Hadicol
Never read the Label
It contained ten percent alcohol

Just a tablespoon or two
She needed to start her day
About these two elixir’s
She had nothing bad to say.

Kansas was a dry state
Beer was three point two
Nothing but white lightening
And Home Brew.

Old Slim the “Alky”
Down in the Pool Hall
Kept handy several bottles
Of Geritol or Hadicol

He could get a high
Without getting in trouble
With Sheriff Bill
While sipping on his Hadicol bottle.

All these patent medicines
Have to take a back seat
For Grandma knew a cure
And hers were kinda neat

Hot chicken Noodle soup
To cure a bad cold
Tea with Honey for a sore throat
Was what I was told

Bananas to lower your blood pressure
Cherries for Arthritis pain
Cinnamon for cholesterol
These cures I can’t complain

Broccoli for Osteoarthritis
With duct tape remove warts
Grandma knew all the cures
Grandmas were smart.

At the age of eighty seven
I take my share of medications
Morning and evening
No hesitation

For I know
With out these elixirs
Without these panaceas
Without these “Fixers”

Blood pressure and Sugar
Outa sight
I probably
Wouldn’t last the night

So I’ll be taking every dose
Of my medications, for sure
Where is Grandma
With her simple cures

Monte L. Manka 4-5-2014