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Story ID:9568
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Hamilton New York USA
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By Fred Wickert

In 1939 in the village of Hamilton, New York, home of Colgate University, children living in the village walked to and from school one day. We lived on Montgomery Street. As I recall it was the last street before the rail road tracks. Beyond the rail road tracks was nothing but open fields and hedgerows.

One fine spring day, a very pretty high school girl was walking home from school. Her name was Melissa Gordon. As always, there was a group of boys walking with her. Each competed for the chance to carry her books and each competed for her attention. Some of the boys horsed around pushing each other and there was always laughter. Some of the boys didn’t even live on our street and went home only after Melissa went in the house where she lived.

Sometimes the boy carrying her books never gave them back to her until they stood on the front porch by the door. I lived in the neighborhood and was in the first grade. I did not understand about the birds and the bees yet so I found the behavior of these boys just plain peculiar.

Melissa’s mother that day was watching from the kitchen window, which was open due to it being a warm day. Melissa went to the kitchen right away, hoping to get a snack of cookies and milk. Her mother stood at the sink by the open window.

A female dog in heat came cruising along and went into the side yard of where Melissa lived. There were several male dogs with her. One after the other sniffed the rear of the female dog and sometimes licked at her. Occasionally one tried to mount her and she scooted out from under him. In a minute or two another tried with the same result.

From outside the window the following conversation was heard.
“Melissa, come here a minute.”
“Yes Mom?”
“Look out there at those dogs.”
“What about them Mom?”
“When you come home from school every day with all of those boys around you, that is just what you remind me of. You remind me of those dogs out there!”

I don’t know how she did it, but from that day on when Melissa came home from school, there were no more boys walking with her and she carrid her own books.

Authors note: The above story is true. The name of the girl was changed to protect the innocent.

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