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Story ID:9570
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Any City Every state USA
Person:Mother Nature
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By Fred Wickert

We all know of the countless beauties that Mother Nature provides us with. We have the beautiful sun rise or sunset, the beautiful water falls or the majestic beauty of an eagle soaring through the sky. There are the oceans and the mountains, and the Grand Canyons or the geysers of Yellowstone.

We always marvel at these wonderful sights, and rightly so. Often my in box has marvelous photos of these awesome sights of Mother Nature. We donít usually think of it, but there is a cruel side to Mother Nature as well.

Yesterday I was quickly reminded of that. As I proceeded out my long and winding driveway to get my mail, I startled a deer that had been lying at the base of a shrub next to my driveway. The deer jumped up and ran a ways. Noticeable was the right hind leg dangling in the air as the deer ran on three legs. The right leg obviously broken.

The deer lay down in the snow for a few minutes and then on my way back from the mail box, it jumped up again and ran into the woods where I could no longer see it. The deer probably was hit by a car during the night before, or perhaps had caught the foot between some rocks and broke it during the struggle to get free.

I said a prayer for the deer knowing that soon it would become dinner for coyotes or a Bob Cat or Mountain Lion. It is to early yet for the bears to be awake from their long winters sleep.

It is a sad but true way of the wild. It is how Mother Nature takes care of things. It is indeed cruel for the deer, but the Coyotes have to eat too.

I remember one day my wife, Tae being horrified as she saw a Red Tailed hawk catch a bird. The hawk proceeded to hold the captured bird on the ground on its back by standing on its wings. It then proceeded to rip the bird open and eat it, entrails first while the victim bird was still alive.

In Indonesia a few years ago, on a beautiful tropical beach, a tidal wave came ashore without warning. It caused great devastation and killed many people. It had been caused by an earth quake hundreds of miles away under the ocean. More recently a wall of water a hundred feet high struck Japans coast, killing thousands of people and destroying billions of dollars of property, once
again, caused by an earth quake under the sea. Today there is widespread concern over radiation all over the world resulting from damage to a nuclear power plant by that same wall of water.

I find it an odd thing about human nature, that we acknowledge the cruel aspects of Mother Nature when they come. We think, oh what a shame. We sympathize with those who suffer as a result and then put it out of our minds. Then for all the beauties of nature, we enjoy them and celebrate them. We write and sing songs about them and we spend thousands of dollars to go see them on our vacations. We take countless pictures of them and treasure them seemingly forever.

How do we do that? Is that too, all part of Mother Nature? I guess all of us have heard of , The Beauty and The Beast.Ē I am thinking that is an apt description of Mother Nature. I(t is sometime a real beauty that we all enjoy, but at other times it truly is a beast!

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