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It's up to Us

Story ID:9575
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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Ginny suffered with another ear infection. When I returned from work that
day, I took her to the urgent care to have her ears checked and get a prescription
to clear the infection and the constant pain she experienced.

Only a week earlier, I was in the urgent care. I'd stood from putting things
into a lower cabinet of the kitchen and rammed my head into an open upper cabinet
door, which I'd left open. I received eight staples to close a crescent-shaped cut in
my scalp.

At the urgent care, we got out of the car. I looked at Gin, "I forgot my hat."


"Hun! I've worn my hat for the last week to cover the scar and eight staples
in my head. I didn't want to gross my co-workers out. Oh well, the people here will
just have to get over it."

I sat in the waiting room, as Ginny was examined and tried to keep my wound
turned from the rest of those in the room. I was conscious of my deformity. I watched
people stare at the light reflecting off the metal staples and turn away when they saw me
notice their looks.

A week before, no one would have given me a second look. On that evening,
I was an oddity.

It was a lesson.

Many people have marks to make them different. I've seen them and tried my
best to be courteous. Like me, I'm sure they noticed my attempts to be discrete.
They knew I saw their differences.
It's up to us to accept everyone for who they are and ignore the marks life
has given them..

Michael T. Smith