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Story ID:9578
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family History
Location:East Aurora New York USA
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By Fred Wickert

This is the second story of a three about my Dad. He was not a man to trifle with. The time was sometime in the 1920’s. I am clueless as to just what year it was. My Dad was the new Vocational Agriculture and shop teacher at a place called East Aurora, NY which I believe is located about 20 miles outside of Buffalo.

The school building was not as modern as schools are today and as I understand it, the Ag class room and shop were even less so. It seems there were some large sliding type windows along the side of the class room. Inside the class room was a huge black cast iron cook type stove with a high back and two ovens in it. It was an extremely heavy cast iron stove and came apart in sections.

Dad had not been teaching there very long and it was a cold blustery winter day. When Dad arrived at his class room there were eight very rugged and good sized boys there. The stove was missing. Dad enquired as to where the stove was. With a smirk, one of the boys said they wouldn’t know but if they had to guess they would say it was probably outside the windows.

Dad walked over and slid one of the windows open. Sure enough, the stove was all in pieces and scattered around outside on the ground. Dad said, “Well, you boys put it out there, now you go bring it back in here.” One of the boys asked, “Oh yeah, who’s going to make us?”

Those words had no more than come from that boys mouth than he went flying, with an assist from Dad, out the open window. One after the other went flying out the window until the last two jumped out by themselves. Dad told them out the window, “Now you stay out there until that stove is all inside. Then you come back in here and put it back together.” The job was done quickly as it was cold outside and they wanted inside.

The stove was quickly reassembled, the stove pipe reinstalled and a fire started in the stove to heat the room. Class resumed. Never again while teaching at that school did anyone try any funny stuff with him.

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