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Story ID:9584
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:Walking Chelsea Kansas Kid
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I am ready to write about walk.
I know that you know about “Walk” and Don’t Walk” so I will not get into that, I know that you are relieved. I never thought much about walking until I see a Veteran in a wheel chair. This really brings walking home to me. Here is a guy that put his life on the line for his country and this is what he gets…
I worked in the Medical Supply in the Hospital in Korea and I had to visit the wards to inventory the non-expendable items. On these visits, I was amazed that, in peacetime, that there were so many guys in traction and could not walk. This hospital was a General Hospital in Korea and we got all the soldiers that had a problem with walking.
“Walk” was the word that the physical therapist used to get the guys to work on their problem. I knew one Physical Therapist that worked with the Polio victims, she was a perfect example of believing in urging, and making the crippled to do their best, and it worked.
We do not have so much Polio to deal with in this day and age. Thank God, for Salk and the ones that came up with a vaccine.
Walk this was a great thing for me, I did not run and this was a way to not only get exercise but to think, about things that were pressing. When you are walking you, have time to see things that you do not see when you are riding. Today I was walking and the muscles in my legs told me that I might fall on my face. I cannot figure out what is going on and when I get and appointment with the Orthopedic Doctor maybe I can get on with walking. Strange things go through your mind, could this be M.S. or M.D. or is this something hat can be resolved by therapy?
Shirley was very brave when she went in for a new hip. This is a major operation and you could end up with a number of things that go wrong with a new hip. The new hip is healing nicely now and she does not miss the pain that she had with the old hip and arthritis.
I do not think that I could trust a Doctor with my body. I cannot be sure that he knows what he is doing. Maybe he might be he greatest surgeon in the world but I do not want him messing with my vitals.
Walk this is a funny sounding word—w a l k—but you never think about this until something gets in the way of your morning walk. This is the basic and easiest thing in the world to do, until you are faced with the idea that you might not be able to walk long distances again. When you get older, things do not work as they did when you were young. Your easiest thing to do comes to a halt. Sudden despair but you are left with your sight and hearing and this is important when your wife calls you to dinner.
I am letting my imagination run away with me. This is easy to do and you can see all sorts of things that will come into your mind. I am not a dooms day believer but I can see why some people are depressed and feel like thy have been left out of the RACE, human that is.
When I was a young boy, it was no problem to walk to the pasture and get the cows for milking or walking a mile to play with my next door neighbor. Walking through the snow to school was fun and you kicked every snowdrift with your feet as you
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went on your way. I never realized how far 12 miles was until I walked home to the farm from the city. Riding 12 miles seemed like a long time, as you waited patiently for the arrival to town and then to the latest “Western,” but walk 12 miles I thought I would never get home.
In the service I would keep up with the best of them on the forced marches and found it easy. I never dropped out of a march and I was proud of myself for my staying power. Bragging??? Well maybe but this is true and now I am afraid to walk to the donut shop about ¾ of a mile. Times have changed.
On my way to the donut shop every morning I meet, several people all different sizes and sexes.
Usually there is a gal about five-six and built very muscular and always carrying a small radio with earphones and walking, I guess, for the fun of it because she does not need to lose any weight.
Then there is a Japanese man that is of a stocky build and his legs are bowed, and as I met him and speak I wonder what he looks like when he runs, an eggbeater I’ll bet.
Then there is Dave from “West By God Virginia” an old Navy man. When I first met him, he could not walk a block without having to rest. He had a heart bypass, now he is a different man, and I have a hard time keeping up with him.
Along comes Eleanor an older woman with black hair and she stands about 5-2 and she likes to talk. Well so as not to be disrespectful we have a good old-fashioned gab fest. I like to kid and she does not know how to take me. I make up stories for her and when she believes them, I tell her that they were lies and she laughs at her self for being so gullible.
I meet a man with earphones, often, and he never speaks. He looks straight ahead and as we share the 3-foot sidewalk, he seems to be in a daze. One morning I’d had it and as we got almost nose to nose I, in a loud voice said “Good Morning” and he almost fainted. Now he walks on the other side of the street.
I meet another older man and he has implants into his head for hearing so he told me. These implants are like the knobs on Frankenstein’s head. He is a big man and when he talks to you n looks you right in the mouth from about one foot away. He has a deep voice and you can tell that he is reading your lips so the implants evidently are not working.
There are three bus stops for school children and as you approach them they watch you very closely and do not speak and I do not speak to them.
There are several grade-schoolers and when they are walking separately they will speak but when they are with some of their friends they avert your eyes and do not speak. The embarrassment shows on them.
When I walked to the donut shop and saw all the other storytellers I noticed a very well dressed woman get out of a four-door BMW car. She walks to all the telephone boxes and newspaper dispensers and checks for any quarters that were returned and not picked up. We always comment on this and some wag said that this is how she paid for her BMW.
Coming back up the hill is different because all the other people have gone indoors and all the kids are in school. The walk up the hill is a quiet walk, and that is when I can do my dreaming and not be distracted.
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Now that I spend more time with the computer I can bug all the people that I write.. Believe it or not, there are 20 friends, no “Chore” or “Stress” or “Phobia” or “Sounds” to deter me.
As I “Rundown” you will find that this “Turkey” is of “Age” and is an “Expert” on “Chelsea” and the story of the “Turners.” I know this makes no sense???
Written 01-20-99 Monte L. Manka

Music with Walk

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