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Distressing News - March 2014

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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Sadly, both you and I daily read distressing news. It's on
the national TV as well as in TV documentaries and the
newpapers. You would think in this 21st century we would have
learned a lot more about being fair, just, and humane and that
the world generally would be a better place to live in. Sadly,
that's just a pipe dream. Of course, we can never give up trying
to do our part in making needed and worthwhile changes when we
can. Here are some events that need them. They distress me. They
may distress you too.


There are some states I would not want to live in. Idaho is such
a state. From Defenders of Wildlife came this news:

"Despite heroic efforts by people like you, yesterday, Idaho's
governor signed a virtual death warrant for hundreds of the state's
wolves. The new law, HB470, establishes a $400,000 special fund,
the sole purpose of which is killing as many wolves as possible.
It is part of a broader effort by wolf-haters to reduce Idaho's
wolf population down to 150 animals-which means killing more than
450 wolves."

Personally, vegetarian animals are my favorites, but yet I have to
acknowledge that God made predators as well and that He must love
them too. If the people of Idaho are experiencing hardship because
of their "large" number of wolves, why haven't they been using
contraceptives to keep wolf numbers down? $400,000 to kill them
instead? Doesn't sound caring to me- re this member of God's creation.
What about you?


This week I read that for 117 million Americans a legal loophole
has undermined the Clean Water Act safeguards that are suppose
to prevent big polluters from dumping unsafe amounts of dangerous
pollutants in our water. How can this be? Who is sleeping at
the helm? To tell you the truth, I believe most of our government
entities are caving into the demands of big corporations whose
only interests are in making money.


What a terrible influence America has been on the eating habits
of the Chinese -though they have some of their own bad practices
as well. I was shocked and dismayed when I read about the Fisherman's
Wharf in San Francisco where they have a market. Their treatment
of live fish, frogs, and chickens left much to be desired as they
treated them in a cavalier and unfeeling way. Many times these
poor victims suffered a great deal at their hands. A description
of this San Francisco Chinese market is on the internet if you wish
to read about it.

It's bad enough that we indulge our love for pork where we keep
our poor hogs incarcerated in the horrible hog CAFOs in the US, but
now China, per Mother Jones, is emulating our love of pork. Their
consumption of it has nearly doubled since 1993. As a result, their hog
farms have grown and multiplied.

And to make sure they have enough pork, they are even looking to Iowa
and N. Carolina to keep them supplied. Of course, these two states
are only too happy to sell them pork, and this most surely means more
suffering for more hogs.

When I think of our hog CAFOs I know that these poor hogs suffer
greatly as do the other farm animals in the cafos. I can never
understand how any nation or country could allow its farm animals
to be caged, crated, or confined in stifling factory barns. Goes to
show you how little I understand human nature, though I am glad that
there our people who despise these places of torture as much as I do.


This week I saw a repeat of the doumentary re genital mutilation.
Nicholas Kristof and Diane Lane visited Somalia where they reported
graphically what was happening to its 8 or 9 year old girls. I wish
that anyone who could change the mindset of these ignorant people
could be persuaded to stop this cruel practice. Somehow they believe
it is a Muslim teaching from God. In my view-no God would require
this horrible mutilating practice.

It is compared to male circumcision except for two big differences.
The male circumcision is done on babies and is not seriously intrusive.
What is done to these 8 or 9 year old girls is horrible and very,
very painful. Parts of their vagina are cut away as women hold
these poor screaming children down.

Can you imagine any part of your body being cut away without anesthesia?
The thought should send shivers down your spine. The pain and recuperation
requires the girls to lay there where this horrible procedure was done
for a week - still enduring pain until nature begins its healing process.


I was horrified to see a full page ad for Premarin Vagina Cream
in the Ladies Home Journal. Knowing full well how horribly the
Premarin mares are treated to get their concentrated urine (they
are only given small amounts of water during their pregnancy), I
was appalled that the editors of the LHJ would even consider running
this ad.

For years doctors who I believe were handsomely rewarded for
recommending Premarin for women's hot flashes -finally stopped
doing so after it was found that Premarin had serious side effects.

But to my surprise and horrow, Pfizer will not give up on their lucrative
and cruel use of pregnant mares' urine. These mares spend most of
their long pregnancy tethered to a stall with a cup attached to their
vulvas to catch their urine.

How any sensible woman could have used this product in the first
place for their hot flashes completely baffles me. Most having been
mothers themselves, where was their compassion for these poor mares?
The mares suffered a hellish 9 or more months so that their hot flashes
would go away? There are natural supplements that can help with hot
flashes. Neither they or the doctors looked for them.

Now, with this new Pfizer ad for Premarin Vaginal Cream, I wasted no
time e-mailing the editor my displeasure and abhorence in seeing this
ad. I told her that if they continue to run it, I will no longer
subscribe to LHJ. Obviously, she wasn't too perturbed about this.
There was no response.

Ladies - please be compassionate. No mare should have to suffer so
terribly for any product Pfizer is pushing. I hope you agree.


This is just an experience I had this past week with a non-whistling
tea kettle. I put the new kettle on and went to the computer. I forgot
about it until my wonderful smoke alarm went off. (It's a great alarm
and needs no change of battery).

I dashed to my stove only to see the kettle engulfed in flames. Thank
God I knew enough not to drench it with water. I tried to smother the
flames with a bath towel. Of course, it began to burn as well. I ran
out to my side door and latched the storm door open. I ran back and
got another bath towel and was able to lift the kettle and run with it
to the outside. Phew! Thank you God.

I still think of what could have happened if I had gone downstairs to do
the laundry - though I probably would have heard the smoke alarm. But if
I had gone out to do yard work, my kitchen may have become ablaze and my
house on the way to being completely burned down.

Why am I sharing this with you? I don't want any of you to experience
anything like this. I suggest if you buy a new kettle- get one that
whistles. I still have my old one whose chrome is stained from years
of use, but you can better believe, that I am going to use it now - stains
and all.

I wrote this very self same thing about this frightening experience and
took it with the burnt kettle to the place where I bought it. I hope the
manager will send it to corporate headquarters. I wouldn't want anybody
to lose their home because of a NON-WHISTLING TEA KETTLE.