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Renewing DriveLicense at 87

Story ID:9608
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Nervous Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Renewing my Drivers License
(At 87 years of age)

One place I hate to go
Is the DMV
To renew my driver’s license
The people working there hate me

I decided to change
This year I did it different
I got their phone number
And I made an appointment.

On Wednesday at One
Was my time to see
If I could pass the tests
Given me by the DMV

I got on my computer
Found many written driving tests
I worked for a week
Trying my best

To answer all the questions
Always missed four
I was ready to fight

Those non smiling
People who work for the DMV
I felt like they all
Hated me.

I got to the DMV
With plenty of time
Having been there before
There was half a block long line.

A guard approached me
Said “Do you have an appointment”
I told him yes
Much to my astonishment

Told me to go inside the door
Turn right
Check in at the window
I still was ready to fight

I walked in and turned right
NEXT, was the polite command?
I stepped forward
With my appointment in hand

Sorry sir, you are ten minutes early
I was ready to fight
Have a seat
We’ll call you when your time is right

The smoke was building
Coming unglued I feared
Felt that smoke
Coming out of my ears.


At exactly one
I was notified of my fate
Go to window “F”
Have a seat and wait

I was mad
A few seconds there
My name was called
Got up out of my chair

That’ll be thirty two fifty
I gave her the money, I was shaken
Told to go to window “B”
And get my picture taken

While walking to the window “B”
I was fuming, you see
Took my picture
Told to go to window “C”

Several people in line
I felt that old fire
Building in my system
Handed a test was told to retire

To the booth directly behind
And after finishing the test
Bring it back to her
I did my best


Some of those questions
Are full of tricks
Have a double meaning
As I finished, I was sick

Not knowing what the end would be
Handed in my test
She had left her station
So I dropped it into the basket

While she was gone
Four more tests were
Laid on top of mine
Meant I would have to wait, Grrrrrrrrrrr.

She came back from break
Grabbed the tests and “Plop”
Turned them upside down
Mine was now on top

I could see her checking
Thinking I would have to take it again
Felt that anger
Building up again

She called my name
As I approached her desk
I was ready to fight
Mr. Manka you passed


No need for driving test
Five more years on your license renewal
This news was the best
This lady was a Jewel

With my appointment
I was through at one forty five
I suddenly felt
Alive, Alive, Alive

I left the DMV
I was done at last
I yelled YAHOO
I heard a faraway voice say “he passed”

Monte L. Manka 3-31-2014