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Story ID:9632
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Any city Any city USA
Person:Anybody hungry
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By Fred Wickert

A certain amount of pride has its place. If you won first prize in a competition through perseverance and hard work for example, it is okay to feel some pride. If you smoked for thirty years and then quit successfully, it is okay to be proud of yourself. If you have a child who performed flawlessly a difficult concerto in a piano recital, it is okay to be proud of that child.

If you are starving and you donít ask for help because you are too proud to ask, that is not okay. That kind of pride is carrying it just a bit too far for common sense. It is not good sense or even good logic to starve oneself to death because they are too proud to be one of those with their hand out.

There is no shame in asking for help when you need it. If one is just too lazy to work for a living and is always looking for a way to get a welfare check and food stamps from the government because it is easier than working for a living, then there is shame. If you are working and earning a living but do not report it and take welfare and food stamps too, that is cause for shame.

If your circumstances are that temporarily you have no money to buy food, there is no shame at all in asking for help. If you have pets and because you are too proud to ask for help, you starve those pets, a dog and a cat for example, then you should be ashamed. There is no pride or merit in that at all.

You can call the animal shelter and ask for help feeding them for a couple of weeks until you have the means to do it yourself. You can call the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, or Catholic Charities. You can call every church in search of a food pantry. You can call your local Social Services. Surely, one of them will offer help.

If you allow yourself to starve or you force animals for which you are responsible to starve, your stupid pride is of no value at all. If you refuse to accept help because the people helping have an attitude of looking down on you for having to ask for help, you are being a fool. Take the food anyway, even if it does hurt your pride. You canít eat that pride but you can eat the food.

For those in a position to give the food to persons in need of it, be sure you treat those asking for the food with respect. No one wants to be in that situation and the tables can turn ever so quickly. In a few months that person needing the food might have a reversal of fortune and he or she might be the one giving away the food. Then you might have a reversal of fortune and you might find yourself having to humble yourself and swallow your pride in order to eat and survive. Treat them with decency and respect.

Always remember if you are not the one in need of help, that Jesus said that whatever you do to the stranger in need, you are also doing to him.

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