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The Funny Part…

Story ID:9656
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family Memories
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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The Funny Part…
By Chuck Dishno

When my wife, Marge, and I separated for the second time in 1968, I was determined that my two children, Lura and Mike, would never suffer from us being apart. I vowed to be with them every weekend and would usually pick them up on Friday after work and bring them back on Sunday evening. This arrangement gave their mother time to do whatever she wanted and gave me quality time with my kids. We always found something to do whether it is going to a kid’s matinee at the Tower Theater with an auditorium full of screaming kids and me screaming and yelling right along with them, or taking long drives in the mountains where we would sing little ditties and act like three fools. On Sunday’s I would pick up their grandmother, my Mom, and take them to the Lutheran Church. I took both kids to piano lessons twice a week. Mike was playing Little League and later Babe Ruth ball so I took him to all his practices and games. With all the activities I think I saw my kids more than their mother did.

I was renting a small apartment and wasn’t much of a cook but we did snack a lot. A few months later I met Roz and the kids loved her as did I. Roz is a great cook so we took many nourishing meals at her house. Both Lura and Mike learned a lot about manners too.

This gives you an overview of the great relationship I had with my children and as Paul Harvey would say, “Now for the rest of the story”.

One Saturday morning Mike was playing Little League ball with his team and after practice I picked him up and as usual we headed for McDonalds to fill up. It was a hot 110 degree day and after our lunch we decided to take in a movie in a nice air conditioned theater.

In the same mall as McDonalds there was a multi-plex theater that was playing three Pink Panther movies. Many parents would drop their kid off and let them stay all day while they shopped.

We walked in got our drinks and popcorn then sat about midway in the auditorium. The first of the three Panther movies had just started and no sooner than we got settled, we heard a young boy laughing his head off somewhere down front. It was a contagious laughter and it kept moving from side to side all thru the film. The auditorium was pretty dark but about mid-way thru the movie a fat Mexican boy, about 10 years old came up the side aisle to get a refill of popcorn. He soon returned and resumed his laughing and moving around.

Mike and I were fascinated by this boy and laughing just as hard as he was but not so much at the Panther movie but his laughter. It truly was contagious.

He continued this almost nonstop all through the first movie and well into the second Panther one. By this time he had migrated to the back of the auditorium and when he took a seat directly behind Mike and I we were all cracking up. About this time he uttered one of the funniest lines I had ever heard. He said in a loud voice, “Oh boy, here comes the funny part.”

When Mike and I left at the end of the second movie, the little Mexican boy was still laughing and moving about. It is no wonder his parents left him there all afternoon. I he was anything like that at home they would all be loonies.