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1st. of March "45"

Story ID:9658
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Inductionof the Chelsea Kansas Kid
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1st. of March "45"

Ist of March 1945

Back to March the first of “45
Hardly a man is now alive
That remembers this “famous” day and year

A young Chelsea farmer, in his teens
Still wearing a T-Shirt, straw hat and blue jeans
His induction date into the Army was drawing near

A thousand thoughts ran through his mind
About the good friends that he’d leave behind
Especially the friends with whom he drank beer

With heavy heart and a sad sigh
Kissed his teenage sweetheart good bye
Walked slowly to his car, down his cheek ran a tear

Headlines about the “Battle of the bulge”, you see
Which at that time didn’t mean much to this draftee
For there was nothing for him to fear

The day arrived-here comes the bus
He shook his Dads hand didn’t make a fuss
Headed to Kansas City, later that day he did appear

At the Army fort, a guard opened this massive gate
Upon entry the “closure” of the gate he did hate
He felt trapped and felt a pain in his head so severe

Quite a change for this kid who slept alone before
In a bedroom with forty males or more who did snore
It made strange musical sounds for him to hear

Some teenager in the next “Sack”
Sobbed quitely while lying on his back
Was a touching sound to his ear

Rousted early from his warn Army cot
Seems that it was KP he got
Pulled meat from baked chicken reason to him unclear

The Mess Sgt mixed the salad while smoking a ciggie
Stripped the Mayo from his hairy arms you see
Flipped it back into the salad it did disappear

The ash on the mess Sgts. Cigarette was an inch long
Was hanging over the salad he knew all along
The Sgt. did blow off the ash in the pan, it disappeared

There was one thing he didn’t want in his mess kit
No salad to day for him he knew it wasn’t fit
The reason for no salad to him was clear.

Leave the next afternoon for parts unknown
On the Santa Fe train out of town
I’ll let the rest of the story stop here.

Monte L. Manka 04-13-14