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Story ID:9659
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington District of Columbia USA
Person:Eric Holder
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By Fred Wickert

A few days ago our United States Attorney General appeared before a Congressional Investigating Committee on Capitol Hill. The rhetoric became a little testy. In my opinion he should have gotten much worse than he got because he was found in contempt about two years ago for not complying with subpoenaís, and to date, he still has not complied. The very next day he was speaking to a Black group. In his remarks he was being a cry baby and was complaining to them about the treatment he and President Obama had been given and declared no other Attorney General and no other President had ever been treated this way. He implied that they had been treated this way because they were black and that the Congressional Committee had been racist in their treatment of he and the President.

Mr. Eric Holder, Attorney General, I recently wrote an essay titled MLK WOULD CRY, in which I made the statement that President Obama and yourself had set back race relations in this country to a huge extent. It is true, and this is a good example of what I was talking about.

You are a liar of the worst kind. The problem is most of your Black audience will believe you first because you are Black and second because they have been conditioned by you, the President, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and a few others to always believe such charges and to not think for themselves or examine the truth.

The truth is that many former presidents and Attorneys General have been treated far worse than you were. Former President Clinton was impeached and one former Attorney General was even jailed. Many have been treated worse than you. The truth is that you and President Obama have played the race card so much that they all go extra easy on you both to avoid the label of racist, which you will surely give them.

Barack Obama, the first Black President in this nationís history, and you, the first Black Attorney General in history are in truth, a huge embarrassment to the Black community. You and the President routinely lie to the American people. You and the President routinely refuse to enforce the laws of our country because you donít agree with them. You both routinely violate our laws and our Constitution and violate your oath of office as well. Both of you have a string of impeachable offenses behind you that has never been equaled. Yet, you do not get impeached primarily because you are Black and you are given a pass because the members of Congress are afraid to speak up and bring the charges because they are afraid of being crucified for being called racist. The charges are valid but cannot hold up because you are both Democrats and so is the majority of the Senate. They will never vote to impeach you because they are as corrupt as you are and everybody knows it so they donít even try.

You and Obama use the race card both as a two edged sword to attack with and as a great big shield to defend yourselves with. The two of you are deliberately and illegally destroying this country and you are using being Black to get away with it. Anyone else could not pull it off. Nobody has the backbone to try to stop you for fear of being branded a racist. No white pair could ever get away with it.

As for credibility, just look where you chose to do your crying. You chose to do it before a body of a Black organization founded by the sleazy criminal Al Sharpton who goes around calling himself Reverend. Reverend of what I ask? Yet, he is a close friend of you and the President. There is an old proverb that says you can judge a man by the friends he keeps. Enough said.

Before the same organization a while later, President Obama spoke to them. He was crying about how unfair that Black people are being asked to have a photo ID to vote and implied it is suppressing the Black vote. We all know that is pure hog wash. You and Obama donít want it to pass because it could cut down on voter fraud. The same people voting numerous times under the names of people who deceased more than ten years ago for example. They have to have photo ID for everything else and so do we white folks. A number of years back I was asked when I went to vote for a photo ID. I told the worker who asked, ďYou know who I am.Ē She said, ďI know but I have to ask.Ē We live in a small community where we all know each other but we still had to show photo ID. Why is it okay for us and not for the Black people?

Your remarks got a lot of coverage on National TV. It was well displayed how you stood there almost crying about how badly you were treated. You forgot Eric Holder, that we were watching the hearings too. We know the truth. I donít know how many of the people you were speaking to saw it, but America did. I donít think it bought as many votes for the Democrats in November as you and Obama hope it will.

Racist my aching back!

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