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A Holy Thursday Like No Other

Story ID:9691
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio usa
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I am sitting at the computer and in some pain. Not as bad as the pain I endured on Holy
Thursday night. For Catholics- Holy Thursday is the wonderful commemoration of Jesus
instituting the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper. Protestants view the Holy Eucharist
as symbols only of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Yes, sometimes it is hard even
for me to believe that I actually receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in Holy
Communion, but I do.

After the liturgy, there is always a time set aside for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
The current priest decided a procession carrying the Blessed Sacrament to the school
auditorium would be nice. Even though this was the second year he did this, it would
be the occasion for a serious fall by this senior citizen. No, I don’t blame him. I
stayed behind to make the Stations of the Cross, and when I went into the auditorium,
the lights were dimmed and I mistook two steps down to the ground floor as one and
went flying.

Thank God, most of the people were gone by then. Some lovely caring people came
to my aid, and I was able to get up with their help. After catching my breath, I made
it to a friend’s car with the aid of a strong arm, and we on our way home.

It was a bad idea. I should have gone to the Emergency unit of a nearby hospital.
I have never been good at making decisions in a crisis situation, and this proved to be
yet another case of poor judgment, though how was I suppose to know the ramifications
of it – never before have anything like this happen to me?

Holy Thursday night was pure agony for me. As I had drunk at least 3 cups of coffee
who everyone knows is a diuretic- getting up from the couch where I laid, and then
with great effort and in pain getting to my feet, I finally hobbled to the bathroom
with the aid of a broom. I assure you -it was pure hell for me. I would not wish it on

After a couple of days of pain, I connected with an internet friend who I knew worked
in the field of medicine. He counseled me to go to the doctors and ask for an
ultrasound. He was especially concerned re the pain in my right calf which I mentioned.
He said it could result in a blood clot if the calf was especially tender.

Well, he was the needed impetus I needed. I called on Holy Saturday but the office was
closed. Finally I made an appointment on Tuesday - the fifth day after my mishap, and
thankfully, the Cleveland Clinic Satellite was close. A very dear caring Muslim friend
took me there. The last time I was at the clinic was in 2005 – a pretty good record
considering one more year and I would have celebrated a 10- year freedom from doctor
care. I ascribe this good health to my vegan lifestyle.

My primary doctor was not available and instead I got a wonderful Indian woman doctor.
She was kind and compassionate. The long and short of it was that she would make an
appointment for my foot and calf to be x-rayed. When I asked for a B-12 shot, she decided
that some blood work would help decide the need for it. Couldn’t agree more. My
blood work in 2005 had been good. I hope I will enjoy the same good results again.

In the meantime, the very bad news which I was prepared for because I had read it
on the internet was that my sprained ankle will take 4 weeks to heal. What a bummer.
But thank God, my leg is not broken, and I can move around-albeit in some pain still.