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Story ID:9693
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All States USA
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By Fred Wickert

This is not really a story, but rather some random thoughts I have been having lately, that to me seem related to each other somewhat. I was having a discussion earlier this afternoon about them with two other men and one of them suggested I write about them, so here I am, doing just that.

When I was a boy, written contracts were something for big companies to have, or for school teachers covering their duties and agreed upon salaries for carrying out those duties. Other things like agreements between farmers, and I say this because I grew up in a farming community, or agreements between two people in regards to getting something done like building a house for example, or perhaps painting a house or repairing a garage or repairing a car, or just about anything else you can think of. There was no written contract.

Two men discussed what was to be done. They agreed on terms and shook hands on it. The man who was supposed to do it, proceeded to do whatever it was he agreed to do. When it was done, the person who asked to have it done, paid him for his services and that was that. If the person who hired the job done was satisfied, he recommended the person doing the job to others.

I was always taught a manís word was his bond. It was unthinkable to give your word and then not do what you said you would do. Sometimes, you gave your word to do something, and something unexpected came up that made it difficult or even painful to do what you had promised. It didnít matter. You had given your word so you did whatever it was you promised, no matter how difficult or how painful or how costly. You had given your word and it was unthinkable to go back on your word. It just was not done. A manís word was his bond.

When you promised to be at a given time and place, others trusted and depended on you to be there and never doubted for a moment that you would. If you did not, it was unforgivable. Others had taken your word and they depended on it. For someone to not show up as promised was rare. It just was not done. Your word had been given. If someone did not show up, they were looked down upon by the entire community as an untrustworthy person. If it later turned out they were in an accident or their car broke down on the way, they were forgiven, but the excuse had better be a good one.

To me it was a much better world than today is. I am still stuck in that belief and sometimes get burned because I trust people to keep their word. I trust them because that is the way I am. When I give my word I keep it. I expect others to do the same. Unfortunately other people do not feel as obligated to keep their word as I do.

When God created man or woman as the case may be, he taught them the difference between right and wrong and the ability to tell that difference. He laid down rules to live by. He also let it be understood that failure to do what was right carried some consequences with it. We are on our own and we were given the gift of Free Will. We are at liberty to choose for ourselves what we will do and what we will not do. We know what we are supposed to do. It is our choice whether or not to do it. Some things are not specifically right or wrong. They have to do with our likes and dislikes. We have Free Will. It was given to each person by God.

So many times I hear people say, ďIf there is a God then why did he let this thing happen?Ē or ďIf God is so loving why did he allow so many people to get killed from that situationĒ I once had a friend who lost a two year old child. She was on the phone with someone. The toddler went out the back door and walked a few yards to a stream behind the yard of the house. He was attracted to the stream and went in it. Somehow he got in water over his head and could not swim so he drowned. It only took a few minutes. When she got off the phone she called to him. She went looking when he didnít answer and discovered the door open. She found him a few minutes later and it was too late. She blamed God for letting it happen, but God was innocent. She was on the phone and was not watching the child.

So many people cannot get it in their heads that everyone has Free Will. They make their own choices. God cannot and will not interfere with that. He gave us Free Will. We have the right to make our own choices and God will not interfere with it. It is your responsibility to make the right choices in life. If you make a wrong choice and the consequences of that are too hard to bear, donít blame it on God. It is not his fault. It is yours for making the wrong choice.

People believe in prayer. I believe in prayer. There is no such thing as to much prayer in my opinion. There is a big problem with people and prayer though. To many times a person will pray to God to make another person do what they want he or she to do, and it does not work. Then people will say, ď I prayed but God didnít answer my prayer!Ē Oh yes he did answer. He told you No! That prayer is asking God to force someone to make a decision that you want made. God does not do that and he cannot do that, because to do that is to take away that personís Free Will. God gave them Free Will. He will not take it away from them. It does not matter how many times you pray to make a person do this or that, it is not going to work because you are asking God to do something he cannot do. God does not break the rules. We do, but he does not.

God created Adam and Eve. He gave them a perfect life in perfect conditions in paradise and he gave them certain instructions. He gave them work to do that was pleasant and enjoyable to them. They had no sickness or disease or anything else to worry about. There was just one thing. He told them very clearly, do not eat of the tree of knowledge. If you do you will surely die. Satan talked Eve into it. She in turn got Adam to do it. It was all over. Because of that, they had to die. Not instantly of course, but they did die and did not enjoy eternal life. That single act resulted in death to us all. God did not want that to stay that way. He loved us so much that he ransomed us by sacrificing his only begotten son to give us a second chance. Anyone who has ever lost a child will begin to know how much that cost God, but he did it out of love for us!

Our world is rapidly going to Hell! If you want to slow it down, I suggest going back to the way it was in the old days where a manís word was his bond, and where Free Will was better understood. We need to start asking God for the right things and not to change someoneís free will but to thank God for all he has given us. Know what Free Will is, and then honor it, respect it and accept the responsibilities of it. Then make your WORD your BOND. When you give your word, live up to it.

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