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Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All states USA
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By Fred Wickert

Things in the daily news these days disturb me a lot. I am sure I am not alone in that. Today I kept thinking, is this America? How can this stuff happen in America? It seems like almost every day there is something new that we hear about in the news that the government is telling us what we can eat and how much. What we can drink and how much. It is telling what kind of business we can be in, if any and then how many hours our workers can work and how much you have to pay them. They are trying to tell us how much to pay them, not based on how much work they do but rather what sex they are.

They are telling us what kind of car we can drive and telling manufactures what kind of car they have to make, even if the consumer does not want them. They tell us what kind of seats we must have and where each person is allowed to sit based on their age and in some cases even what direction they must face while seated. They tell us how much Ethanol we must use in our gasoline even though it is not good for our engine because it attracts moisture and we are told it is to save the environment but the truth is it is not saving the environment and is causing a shortage of corn to eat and driving up the cost of corn for everybody. They are also telling the farmers what they can grow and what they cannot grow. It seems almost like the world has gone crazy sometimes.

We are told we have freedom of religion and it is guaranteed by the Constitution, but then they tell us you canít pray here and you canít pray there. You canít display or wear this symbol or that symbol but other symbols are okay. You canít do or say anything Christian or Jew because you might offend somebody who is not Christian or Jew, but it is perfectly all right to shut down several city blocks of traffic in New York City several times a day so the Moslems can put down their prayer rugs in the street to pray.

Now for the last two or three days the radio and TV news has been full of reports that a professional basketball team owner has a girlfriend. He had a private phone conversation with his girlfriend in which he said some things that were found racist and offensive. The conversation was recorded and ended up in the national news media. Suddenly a private conversation is a public one. Celebrities were standing in line to get on camera to condemn what the man said. The commissioner of the Basket Ball league came out today and condemned what the man said. Then he proceeded to announce the man was not allowed to be on the premises of any of the team property for life. He is banned. He may not attend any league basketball game. He is banned from any team owners meetings. He is being fined two and a half million dollars. The owners of the other teams will pressure him until they force him to sell his team.

Hold on! Wait a minute! He owns the team but he cannot be on the premises of any of the teamís property? Excuse me, but if he is the owner of the team, is not the property of the team his property? Does he not own it? You are forbidding him to be on his own property for life? What country do we live in? I thought it was America. Does not our Constitution guarantee due process of law? How is it a basketball Commissioner can forbid him the right to be on property that belongs to him?
All I have heard is how offensive his remarks were in his private conversation with his girlfriend. Well, no. Not all I heard. I also heard how this man has a long history of racist comments for many years. At the same time he donated a lot of money to the NAACP who honored him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. How come his remarks were overlooked then? Public remarks I might add. Not private remarks. He has been praised and given awards for years, while he also gave a lot of money to Black causes and to Democrat party causes and campaign contributions, although he is registered Republican. Why all of a sudden now the outrage?

There have been a number of pictures shown with his girlfriend and Magic Johnson together. There also has been a lot of talk that Magic Johnson wants to buy his team. There is other talk that Magic Johnson has a group of Billionaire friends who want to buy the team. The Commissioner made comment today the league will welcome Magic Johnson as an owner and that he has been a part owner before. Why did he make that comment I wonder? Shortly after the news conference the Commissioner held to make his announcement it came over the news that Magic Johnson said he is not interested in buying the team. I only know this thing has a bad smell to it. It looks to me that for years as long as he donated big bucks to the black causes and the NAACP and the Democratic party nobody was offended by his racist remarks even when public. Now all of a sudden, everybody is outraged ond offended by a remark in a private phone conversation. How can this be? Did he stop donating? One wonders.

Most of all I am troubled by the fact that it was a private phone conversation. Why was it being recorded in the first place? Why was the recording released to the national news media in the second place? Are there no laws broken here? Does this man not have the right to privacy? In America this is not supposed to happen. No matter how offensive his comments were, none of us should know about it at all because he said them in a private phone conversation. Who among us has never said anything in a private phone conversation that we donít want the world to know? Jesus said, ďLet he who is without sin cast the first stone.Ē

I believe the owner should refuse to pay the fine and refuse to sell the team, Nobody should be fined for a private phone call. If there is a fine it should be paid for recording and releasing a private phone conversation. Is this America or not?

I read a news report this afternoon about some court proceedings in the state of Maryland. A few years back because of government agencies hiding information from the tax payers a new law was passed. It was called the Freedom of Information Act. It said that anyone had a right to information from the government about anything unless it was classified. A prolife group in Maryland called Maryland Coalition For Life had filed a request for Public Documents on Licensing of Abortion Clinics. The organization had uncovered the fact that two former operators out of Florida who had been put out of business there, had opened two illegal abortion clinics in Maryland. They turned over the information to the state authorities and the two clinics were closed and appropriate action taken against the operators. Now they were on to some others and wanted to find out if they had been licensed.

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene not only refused to provide the requested documents, they filed a law suit against them. They claimed that if the information was made public that it might result in Harassment and violence. If the state can win the suit, it will provide states with a way of covering up legally for illegal abortion clinics.

Another law suit had been tried before in Iowa. Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit when the state Medical Board advised them a similar request for documents had been made. In that case Planned Parenthood had to drop their law suit when illegal abortion clinics were uncovered there. So now if you file a request for information of public records, are you going to be sued if they donít want to tell you what is in them?

Finally in the case of the BLM showing up in military type force against a cattle rancher in Nevada, news reports came out today that Attorney General Eric Holder has authorized a Drone Strike at some time in the future on the Bundy ranch including the residence and any video equipment. Authorization allegedly granted based on remarks made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Eric Holder when asked by the press denied it. In view of the fact that Barrack Obama, Eric Holder and Harry Reid all have a problem with the truth, how can anybody take Eric Holderís denial at face value?

What country am I living in now? I donít know any more. I used to live in America, the land of the free and the land of Liberty! Where is that freedom and liberty? Where did it go? If it still exists, it sure doesnít show anywhere I can see. What happened to my country? Where is America? What country is this?

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