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Our Wild Horses and the President

Story ID:9715
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various usa
Person:Pres. Obama
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Well, our once hope that President Obama would be the compassionate president so many
of us wanted has sadly been dashed numerous times.

When I heard that hamburgers and a weekly Friday evening dinner of steak was on the
Presidentís menu, I knew then Ė this was not a man of compassion. So, should I have
been surprised when his Secretaries of Interior Ė past and present did and do nothing to
stop the terrible helicopter raids on the wild horses of the west so that cattle barons like
Bundy could use public lands? No, I wasnít surprised.

Well it seems to me that the BLM/Bundy fracas should be a wake up call for both the
President and the BLM. To have Cattle Baron Bundy call the shots by refusing to pay
for the use of public lands and then demanding the return of the cattle the BLM had
removed because of non payment - showed me just how powerful these cattle barons can

I hope that the President and the BLM will try to rectify the wrongful use by cattle
barons of land bequeathed to the wild horses by the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act. At
the very least, they should realize that people like Bundy are calling the shots as regarding
the use of public lands so that people like the President can satisfy their meat lust.

And what happens to our wild horses after being chased miles on end by the frightening
whirring blades of the helicopters? They are put in holding pens basically before being
auctioned off. And who buys these horses? The ďmeatĒ men of course, and they are
sent in horrible transport conditions to Canada and Mexico to be cruelly slaughtered for
the tables of Europe. These horses belong to all of us Ė not to the Interior Department,
and not to the President who doesnít care what happens to them when they are exploited
by the meat men.

Congress is also doing nothing to stop this horror. The SAFE Act which would stop the
transport of our wild horses to the slaughterhouses of Canada and Mexico sits wherever
dead bills ďsitĒ in Congress. Why isnít Boehner introducing it? Why arenít there a
great many more supporters of this bill? I tried in vain to convince my Representative-
Marcy Kaptur and my two Senators Ė Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman of Ohio to support
this Act. They didnít even have the kindness of sending me a negative reply. I hope
you have tried as well, but somehow I donít think so. Just how hard is it to write
an e-mail? Before the computer age, I would write or type letters to members of Congress.
And you canít get an e-mail off?


I suppose you have been getting oodles and oodles of requests from your chosen political
party during this upcoming election. I ignored them all Ė for two reasons. One -I just donít
extra money -having to take care of 9 rescued cats. And secondly, Iím not impressed by most
of the people who ask.

Nancy Pelosi is one. I believe I read that she owns a restaurant where they serve veal.
Obviously, she does not care or know how cruelly so many baby male calves are treated
in the crates from hell. If she doesnít know, then she should educate herself.

Both the President and Vice President said they had not received anything from me. Why
should I support them when they are doing nothing to support my animal right causes?

And back to the Presidentís taste in food. When he and his family visited France, I was
disgusted to learn that they went to a restaurant where foie gras was served. In my
opinion, he lost the chance to politely decline as the force feeding of geese is terribly
cruel. If he didnít want to offend, then he should have chosen a restaurant which didnít
serve this cruel dish. His two girls learned nothing from him either. It was a teaching
moment for compassion that he did not use.

And just today -news that the President on his visit to Japan feasted on the endangered
bluefin tuna. I guess this news shouldnít have surprised me. He consistently shows
that he doesnít care about animals. If he did, he would join us in compassionate stances
for them.