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Story ID:9723
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All Cities All States USA
Person:All of us
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By Fred Wickert

These days it seems like this nation has gone completely irrational about any number of things. Racism is one of them.

In recent days we had the owner of an NBA basketball team make some private comments in a private conversation in the privacy of his home. Someone recorded his remarks and the remarks which were abhorrent and racist against black people and the remarks were posted I think on the internet. I am not certain about that. The important thing is the remarks became public.

The entire nation went absolutely berserk over the racist comments and the racist sentiments conveyed by those comments. The news media was full of discussions and panels and celebrities of all kinds came out to wait in line to get their face on TV to condemn what the man had said. Later, the Commissioner of the NBA announced the man who owned the team is banned for life from being on the premises of the team, of having any presence or say so in the management meetings of the team he owns, is banned from ever attending any NBA basket ball game and is fined two and a half million dollars. In addition, he will be forced if at all possible, to sell his team.

Within a day or two of that, the Secretary of State who has been trying as many have before him, to force Israel to sign a peace agreement with the Palestinians was frustrated. Why? Because the Palestinians have joined forces with a terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaida. They are enemies of Israel and publicly state their goal is to wipe Israel off the map. As a direct result Israel pulled out from the negotiations.

Because he is upset that the negotiations have failed, in a diplomatic meeting, our Secretary of State tells Israel they better get their act together, to stop being the aggressor against the Palestinians and cooperate with a peace deal or they will find their selves a nation of apartheid. A clearly anti-Semitic remark. Just in case somebody does not know what that means, it means an anti-Jew remark. It is racist!

The Secretary of State making a racist slur directly to diplomatic representatives of a nation who is our greatest ally in the middle East, Telling a nation who for decades has bent over backwards to give up and yield more and more and more to the Palestinians in the name of peace, with the Palestinians never giving up anything, and a nation who for half a century has suffered almost daily rocket attacks from the Palestinian territory, and the Secretary of State calls them the aggressor? Then threatens them with apartheid? How more racist can you get?

What is the reaction here at home? Barely, a ripple. I think one Republican Senator and one Republican Congressman may have stood up and mentioned it on the floor of their particular chamber. Kerry said he wished he had rephrased his remarks. Well Iím sorry but he made the remarks he made and he meant them when he made them and every person in that room at the time knew it. Every citizen of Israel knows of the lack of protest over it here in this country too.

Racism against Jews is older than racism against Blacks. Hitler had millions of them exterminated in gas chambers and Lenin and Stalin had millions more of them exterminated, just because they were Jews. As far as I know, Blacks have never been subjected to that. Just the same, no national uproar over what John Kerry said in a meeting of diplomats, no matter how racist it was, does it get any uproar here at home. Do we not understand he was representing us and as such, it is the same as if we ourselves had said it?

Then there is a group of people in a place called Gilroy-Morgan Hill, California. They walked around in the street and sidewalk waving American flags. On the internet, in San Francisco TV news programs and in San Francisco newspapers they are reportedly being called racists. Why? Because they dared to wave American Flags. In the United State of America if you wave an American flag you are a racist. At least in California you are. The reason? You are a racist waving an American flag because there are Mexican people living there. Imagine that.

In my view we have become a nation of lunatics. We have to be. How in the name of God can we claim to have any sanity at all with such behavior? When Barack Obama said in a speech that we are no longer a Christian nation I was outraged, but not anymore. Why? Because he was right! That could not happen in a nation of people who were acting Christians. I am not talking about claiming to be Christians. I am talking about actually being Christians. If we were a nation of real Christians we would be calling all over the country for John Kerry to be fired immediately, and for the President to make an immediate formal and public apology to the people of Israel.

Where is it? I am asking fellow Americans and I am asking fellow Christians, where is it? It is nowhere to be found! This country was given to us as a gift from God. We did it in the face of impossible odds and it was realized only by the grace of God. Our founding Fathers were well aware of that. It is in their writings everywhere. It is inscribed on many of our buildings and monuments in Washington. We have now turned our back on God and no longer heed him. Israel by the way has always been the most favored and most loved of God. He made his only begotten son, Jesus Christ born a Jew. We as a nation have just spit on Israel and the Jews. Here at home we donít care. Here at home as I said before, we have turned our back on God. We canít have a Bible or prayer in our schools. We canít have Jesus Christ mentioned in our military. There are many more signs and I donít need to list them. You all know of them.

Does anyone think God is actually smiling about these things? I know he is not. If we donít change our ways soon, we will lose our country! What we are doing is lunacy! As for California, they need to know that so far anyway, this is the United States of America. If the Mexicans who live here came to become an American or if they were born and raised here, they are Americans, that American flag is their flag. The Mexicans who came here just to make money or sell drugs or rob and steal and want to remain Mexicans, better understand this is America and not Mexico. The American flag is the flag of our country. If they prefer the Mexican flag they should return to Mexico where they belong. In either case, it is not racist in any way to fly or display the American flag in America. If it offends you, then go back to Mexico where they will happily fly the Mexican flag. To do otherwise is the height of hypocrisy!

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