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Pop Doffs a Fedora

Story ID:9734
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Pop Doffs a Fedora…
By Chuck Dishno

I was blessed to be born in an era where men respected women and my Pop was no exception.

Pop was born on a Montana cattle ranch in 1884 where work came first and education came second if at all. Pop’s schooling was only about 3 hours a day in a one room schoolhouse. His days started with early morning chores on the ranch and ended with late chores each day. Pop learned the basic 3R’s and to his parents that was enough. He often told me that if he and his brother wanted a day off from school they would trap a skunk and let it loose under the schoolhouse.

Pop was 50 when I was born and I will always remember how he treated women. I never saw him meet a woman when he didn’t tip his hat. If he was walking downtown, Pop, always wore a felt fedora and upon encountering a woman coming toward him he would pick up his hat by the crown, smile and greet them. Even if he were coming from work as a timber faller and was wearing a tin hat, he would at least touch the brim in respect.

Of course Pop was a classic door opener too and would get visibly upset if my Mom beat him to a door and opened it for herself. He said he didn’t care if she peed her pants, she should wait for him to be the door opener.

It is too bad that this custom has fallen by the wayside. I’m sure there are still men who tip their hat and open doors for ladies but they seem to be dwindling. I am probably just as guilty as some but I do respect women and try to be as polite as my dear old Pop. Afer all I was trained by a master.

Several years ago I stepped ahead of a woman and opened a door for her. She looked at me crossly and said “ I can do that myself!”.. I replied, “Yes Mam , I am sure you can but if I did not open this door for you my Pop would come down from Heaven and beat the hell out of me.” Thus ended the conversation….