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Try Being Positive?

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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This week someone on Facebook’s Catholic Vegetarian accused me of being negative because I said
that the Catholic church does nothing for animals. I backed this up by mentioning that I never heard a
sermon re the suffering of animals in all the masses I attended and I’m 83. (The Blessing of animals
on the feast of St. Francis does not apply to my contention.)

I also mentioned that there are no encyclicals on the compassionate treatment of animals. Then
somewhere a long the line I recalled that the church follows the teachings of Aristotle and Thomas
Aquinas re animals instead of the compassionate teachings of Pythogoras. The church has been
following the “Utility” principal of Aquinas which said that animals are made for our use. This certainly
opens up the possibility for a lot of cruelty to animals and sadly, you don’t have to look too far to
find proliferations of the cruel Confined Animal Farm Operations (CAFOs) the world over.

One of the people on this site took the time to look for the Jesse Ramieriz article on “Rethinking
Aquinas” which I recommended. Easy to find by his name on the internet. I also loved his post about
inviting Jesus to breakfast. He didn’t think it would be proper to make Him bacon and eggs. How true.
Both products cost pigs and chickens a great deal of pain.

So this critical person gave me no reason to be positive when a billion Catholics have no teachings on
compassion to animals.


Someone wrote a post recently generally on this topic. Truth be told I have a very hard time being
positive at what transpires in government on the state and federal level as well. Recently, I received a
Wildlife newsletter from New York and they mentioned that Governor Cuomo is a hunter and is doing
whatever he can to promote hunting. I believe he even mentioned that President Obama spoke of the
“rich” heritage of hunting. Not my idea of a compassionate president.

Somewhere I read that the state is using its resources on this hunting past time which comparatively
few indulge in. And of course, there is nothing compassionate about killing defenseless animals. The
notion that in the case of deer - numbers are being kept down because of hunting is without merit. If
anything, this causes more births.

I hoped you watched CBS 60 Minutes this past Sunday. A whole segment dealth with political slush
funds. Supposedly political money is not supposed to be used to hire family members and friends,
but of course, the people who make the laws made sure that there were loopholes placed in the
law and the political slush fund is alive and well. One legislator tried to introduce a correction in
this regard and there were no co-sponsors. What a great Congress we have.


I am always happy to sign petitions that I believe in. Each day I will sign anywhere from 10 –30.
Many of these I find on CARE2 which today I found at Martha Rosenberg’s post. Whether the
petition “chart” is found on other posts is a real possibility. At any rate, once the important identifying
data is in, one just has to go from petition to petition and click. The following involves states and
for once I am glad I didn’t find any negative petitions re the state of Ohio. But here are some states
that were mentioned:

l. Idaho: Demand Federal Protection of Wolves and Coyotes in Idaho and Worldwide. (I am sorry
if there is a serious problem here but my reading of the petition does not reveal this.)

2. Wisconsin: Tell Wisconsin Hunting Wolves with Dogs is a form of Dogfighting.

3. Florida: Lions Are Not Taco Meat.

4. N.Carolina: NC Police – Investigate and Prosecute Person Who Beat, Shot, and Dragged Dog.
(Of course, this type of cruelty is found in all the states.)

5. Illinois: Make Lion Meat Illegal

6. Colorado: Crack Down on Soil-Contaminating Oil Spills


1. Prosecute man who covered puppy in hot sauce.

2. Ban the Import and Export of Tiger Bone Wine

3. End Aerial Shooting of Camels

4. Shut Down Grooming Shop for History of Inhumane Practice on Dogs. (This one I can relate
to in my Ohio city. My poor Casey. When I went to pick her up, she almost went through the
front window when the cage was opened. This woman groomer was an orgre and too late
I found this out on the internet. )

5. Punish Animal Control Officer Who Wrongly Abused Therapy Service Dog.

6. Ban Farm Animal Castration Without Anesthetics.

7. Fire Police Officer Who Killed Girlfriend’s Puppy Because it Soiled Carpet.

For the people who think there is no reason to be pessimistic, I dare say, they probably don’t
spend too much time trying to improve the world. It must be nice to see the world in rose- colored
glasses, but for me – this is not an option. I want to see the world as it is and hopefully, in my
small way I will try to do something to improve it.