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Story ID:9741
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All states USA
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By Fred Wickert

America has passed away. Born in 1776 on the fourth of July, but no precise date is known for her passing. She was alive and well as I grew up and finished high school in 1952. We were at war in Korea then, defending South Korea against Communist North Korea and China who was helping North Korea.

I got out of high school in June. Our house had burned down in March and I was working on a new house with Dad. I had a job for a dollar a day driving a truck, picking up milk from the farms early in the morning and delivering it to the Windham Creamery every day. I finished that about 10:00 A.M. every day, and then went to the site where we were building the new house and began working there. When Dad got off work he arrived about 5:00 P.M. and we worked together until it was dark. Then we went home. It was time to get up at 4:30 to go haul that milk again in the morning.

In September I went to Cornell University. I joined the Air Force ROTC. In mid- February I dropped out of college. I went to my brother in laws and helped him on the farm for a month and then I joined the Air Force.

I eventually wound up in Korea and suddenly they stopped the war. I always teased my friends by telling them they quit when they found out I was there. I went from there to Japan and met my future bride. When I left Japan to go home I brought her with me. The Cuban Missile crisis came up and I found myself in Orlando, Florida guarding missile war heads.

Later I was chosen to serve in Presidential Security and transferred to Andrews Air Force base Maryland. I served there for five years and then went to SEA with the 355th Fighter Bomber Wing. They concentrated on bombing the Ho Chi Minh Trail and North Viet Nam. After a year and a week I went back to Presidential Security again and finished my Air Force career there.

Through all of that, America was alive and well. There were a few strange differences going on that had not been before. There was a guy named Lyndon Johnson who, when he was the president, had talked Congress in to his Great Society Program. He told us all that we could afford both guns and butter at the same time. He was talking about the Vietnam War and his Great Society program. He found a way to pay for it. It was really simple. Social Security had all this money saved up. It was just sitting there and doing nothing. His idea was to borrow the money in the Social Security fund.

Congress went along with it. All the money in the Social security trust fund was transferred to the general fund. They gave IOUís to the Social Security Administration. Now they could use all that money for his Great Society Program, and they did. Now the money is gone. All the senior citizens who paid into it are begrudged their money. Now they are being told it is government hand out. They need to make some sacrifices. The IOUís are forgotten, but it doesnít matter because if they ever intended to pay them, which they donít, they canít because they donít have any money. All they have now is 17 trillion dollars of debt.

I think maybe that was when America first got sick with the disease that took her, though we didnít know at the time she was sick. We thought she was all right. Then as the years rolled by it was a little thing here and a little thing there. There was some little thing that didnít matter much. It took away a little freedom or a little liberty, but we thought it was not that much. It wasnít going to hurt anything.

Then as time went on, the encroachments got bigger and bigger and more and more of our rights were suddenly gone. There was less liberty and less justice. We griped a little now and then because, every time it was done, there was always some kind of special good cause that surely, you couldnít say no to.

Then suddenly we woke up, some of us did anyway, and realized the America we knew is not there anymore. America is dead. Now we have an imposter we donít even know, who says she is America but she is not. The evidence is there for all to see. Oh sure, if you drive by real fast she still looks the same. If you slow down and take a closer look you will see it isnít her at all. The other nations around the world know it too, because they can see it isnít the same country. There is another in her place. Our America was beautiful and precious. She stood for freedom and liberty and justice for all. Not so with the country that has taken her place.

In the country that is there now pretending to be America, we have a president who cannot tell the truth about anything. We have an attorney general who will not prosecute black people. He will not investigate corruption. He has been found in contempt of Congress, which he ignores totally. The president and the attorney general enforce only the laws they like and not the ones they donít like.

We have a president who ignores the Constitution and does whatever he wants, including legislating by decree. The Congress ignores it and allows him to get away with it. The president threatens the Supreme Court and tells them the way they better rule. The country is broke and trillions of dollars in debt. Half the country is either on welfare or unemployment because there are no jobs. Yet the president goes on elaborate expensive vacations costing the taxpayer millions of dollars, and the first lady, her daughters and her mother all go on a separate vacation with an entourage of 150 people or more, costing the tax payers millions of dollars more. They donít do it just once a year either. They do it every two or three months.

The Senate does no work because even though the House sends them hundreds of bills, Harry Reid decides he donít like them and will not allow them to be discussed, let alone voted on. Every day he stands up to his podium and tells some outrageous lie, slandering somebody.

The executive branch is corrupt, the Congress is corrupt in both houses, the Supreme court is corrupt, the IRS is corrupt, the Dept. of the Interior and the BLM is corrupt, the IRS is corrupt, the State Department is corrupt, the Defense Department has been cut down to pre WWII strength, the VA is corrupt and letting veterans die without treatment so that hospital administrators can get big bonuses, FEMA is corrupt, the Department of Homeland Security is corrupt, the FBI is corrupt, the Secret Service is corrupt, the Federal reserve is corrupt, the ATF and the Border Patrol are corrupt.

The White House, the IRS, the Justice Dept. all refuse or fail to comply with Subpoenaís from Congress. We have Fast and Furious, we have IRS voter suppression, we have Benghazi, we have the VA Hospitals, the Keystone Pipeline, and a host of other things the people want answers to and cannot get them. Oh yes, I forgot to mention NSA eavesdropping and storing records on our private phone calls and e-mails.

The list goes on and on and on. These things did not exist in the America I knew. They are the way of life in the imposter that is here now. The real America had prayers said in school, or the students were given a couple of minutes to pray, but not anymore. That is not allowed. All over the country it is being not allowed to have a Nativity Scene display for Christmas time. You are not allowed to display a cross in public. It is perfectly okay though, for about nine square city blocks to have traffic stopped so the Moslems can spread their prayer rugs and pray in the streets several times a day.

The signs are everywhere. We are told what we can and cannot eat, to drink, what size drink you can have and how many. Kids are being taught porn in school. They are given a book with a blow by blow description of a rape with a homework assignment to read it. When a 14 year old girl gets upset she shows it to her Dad. Being a good parent he goes to the school board meeting and protests. Because he exceeded two minutes in his remarks he was arrested and taken away in hand cuffs.

A man in his home having a private conversation with his girlfriend makes some racial comments. He is an owner of a professional ball Team. He is banned from the basketball league and its property. It is his team but he is banned from any team business meetings. He is banned from team owned property, which as the owner is his property. He is fined two and a half million dollars. All from some remarks he made in a private conversation with his girl -friend in his own home.

A man is kicked out of a company he founded and built because it is learned he donated money many years ago to trying to defeat a proposition to allow gay marriage.

A professional ball player is suspended because he verbally objected to a player being drafted by his team who kissed his boyfriend at the drafting ceremony.

Guys can marry guys and girls can marry girls in a number of states now. The list goes on and on and on. None of these things were thinkable in my America. My America passed away unnoticed some time ago. This is an imposter that is here now

The America I knew had the finest news media in the world. We had good top quality investigative reporters. They reported both sides equally and they reported it like it is. American news media is dead now. They for the most part, are just an extension of the Democrat party. We can get some idea of what is going on from British news outlets, but if it were not for FOX news and radio talk shows, we could never find out about what is going on in our nation or in the world.

It is my sincere wish that somebody with a huge pair of those electric paddles will find America and give her a couple of big jolts of electricity and bring her back to life.

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